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Emmerdale fans grossed out by “sleazy” Maya as she tries to have sex with Jacob in classroom

The schoolboy and teacher got frisky on a desk...

Maya Stepney ripped off Jacob Gallagher’s clothes and attempted to have sex with him in last night’s Emmerdale – and fans were utterly disgusted.

On Thursday night (17 January), teacher Maya was seen passionately kissing her pupil Jacob in her classroom after locking the door.

Maya Jacob
Ewwww (Credit: ITV)

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The pair continued their illicit – and illegal – affair as Maya tugged at Jacob’s clothes and undid his belt buckle, hitching up her skirt in anticipation of sex.

But, luckily for viewers who were totally repulsed and nauseated, a colleague interrupted their liaison with a loud knocking at the door (frosted glass, even better for hiding your secret lover with).

The child and groomer had been ‘making up’ after a blazing row over Jacob’s jealousy – and had even started kissing in plain sight before Maya dragged them into the classroom.

Maya Jacob sex
Maya’s passionate clinch with Jacob left fans disgusted (Credit: ITV)

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After their fumbled love making was interrupted, Maya later approached Jacob and suggested they use the shed next time to give them some privacy…

Going in for another kiss, she was shocked when Jacob stepped away, telling her he couldn’t “handle” the situation.

He said: “But it’s not to do with being mature enough. It’s about being decent. I can’t do this to my dad. He’s brilliant and I’m lucky to have him.”

Emmerdale's Maya in sick new plan to abuse Jacob in front of his dad David
Maya has been grooming Jacob for months, under the nose of his dad (Credit: ITV)

In a heartbreaking twist, the naive teenager then gave predator Maya an ultimatum, telling her: “So you decide. Do you want to see me?”

When she answered that she did, he replied: “Then you’ve got to stop seeing him.”

Will Maya choose to be with David or Jacob?

Fans continue to be appalled by the grooming storyline, and slammed Maya for initiating sex with the boy.

One said: “Maya and Jacob storyline really felt as if it entered very much more dangerous territory last night. Maya cultivating his trust playing on his emotional weakness and coercing him! Jacob standing his ground makes an interesting narrative moving forward! gripped! #emmerdale.”

Another added: “So everyone is shocked at #Maya and #Jacob kissing on @emmerdale, am I the only one that thinks its wrong for them to be ‘acting’ it?? Even my teenage kids pointed out that its still a kid kissing an older woman really, even if it is acting.”

A third added: “Emmerdale are out of order for promoting child molestation with the Jacob and maya storyline. You’re all going to hell. Stop showing adults harming children.”

Others called Maya “sleazy” and slammed the storyline for being “gross”.

Other fans were seriously concerned about Maya drinking alcohol during the school day, with one typing: “Is Maya really driving back to school after quaffing a bottle of wine at lunchtime? #emmerdale.”

One more measured viewer believes the story needs to be told, tweeting: “It might be uncomfortable to watch but remember things like the Maya grooming storyline do happen. If it gets children talking about what could be going on in their lives to get help then it is a story worth telling. #Emmerdale.”

One fan hopes the school has security cameras and that Maya will be caught out that way…

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