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Sunday 15th December 2019

Emmerdale fans furious with ITV soap for 'ruining another character' amid baby bones plot

Why rock the boat?

Emmerdale's Lydia Hart is about to have her secret past blown wide apart, in a storyline that promises to be as gripping as it is emotional.

Viewers now know that the remains of a dead baby found buried on the premises of the local school, belong to a child Lydia gave birth to when she was a teenager.

Lydia Hart has a secret identity - but why? (Credit: ITV)

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Earlier this week, the residents of the Dales got a shock when Jessie Dingle was called to the school to be told some disturbing news.

Human remains had been found on the school site and the police had been called.

Many suspected Lydia due to her suspicious behaviour when the news was announced, and the fact that little is known about her past.

Police are now investigating the origins of the baby bones (Credit: ITV)

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On Thursday (July 4), ITV viewers discovered that the bones buried at the school were those of a baby born to a teenage mum.

Police investigators had managed to age the bones and attribute them to the child of a person called Jenny Finn.

This is a distasteful storyline. I'm more than disappointed that it's Lydia.

The teenage girl had run away from care home Hotten Grange - which used to be on the school site - at the tender age of 16.

The picture of Jenny Finn is clearly a young Lydia Hart (Credit: ITV)

Viewers noticed the resemblance between Lydia and Jenny straight away, and so will the Dingles when the police hold a press conference to launch an appeal for information...

On Friday (July 5) the picture was made public and Lydia handed herself into the police, stating she was Jenny Finn.

While many fans welcomed a meaty role for actress Karen Blick, some fans expressed their frustration at the thought of another Emmerdale couple being 'ruined'.

One fan was particularly annoyed at the twist the story had taken and posted a series of tweets.

"I'm not afraid to say what I think ED. One of my faves @karenblick will kick this storyline out of the village and into orbit, I have no doubt about that! She's fantastic. What I don't understand is why Lydia? Sam is her partner, they are one of, if not the most, stable couple. @emmerdale."

They went on to say: "I've said from the beginning, this is a distasteful storyline. I'm more than disappointed that it's Lydia, very disappointed.

"Her and Sam are the most dedicated couple and now this. Oh well, why am I not surprised?"

Someone else agreed, adding: "Could we not have had ONE character without a past? Someone who what you see is what you get? Couldn't you have let Lydia just be Lydia? Why make EVERYTHING so complicated? #Emmerdale."

Lydia and Sam are usually seen as comedy characters (Credit: ITV)

Writing on Digital Spy Forums, another disgruntled viewer wrote: "Don't get why they seem to want to ruin Lydia."

"As if we are not getting enough misery at the moment, they need to turn on one of the nicest characters," fumed another.

A third added: "I like the character of Lydia: I hope they don't spoil her role with Sam and Samson."

Emmerdale fans are also livid about the upcoming affair between Moira and Nate, claiming the soap won't allow couples to be happy.

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