Maya and Jacob kiss

Emmerdale fans “freak out” as Maya and Jacob kiss in “uncomfortable” scenes


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Emmerdale fans were left “cringing” and “freaking out” after teacher Maya Stepney shared a kiss with underage student Jacob Gallagher.

In shocking scenes that aired during last night’s hour-long episode (Thursday 15 November), the grooming storyline continued with the “uncomfortable scenes”.

After weeks of build up, Maya crossed the line from professional to seriously wrong.

Maya and Jacob kiss
Icky, icky, icky (Credit: ITV)

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It’s been obvious for some time that Jacob’s feelings have been more than platonic for his teacher Maya – who is also his dad David’s girlfriend!

But, rather than nipping it in the bud, Maya seems to have enjoyed the attention and, some fans believe, has actively encouraged the crush to grow.

Jacob and Maya drinking together before they kiss
Underage drinking, too!? (Credit: ITV)

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After learning it was Maya’s birthday, the lovestruck student decided to try and make the day special by making sure his dad arranged a posh dinner and by buying her a special gift – a signed copy of her favourite DVD.

However, David stood Maya up when he spent most of the evening with an upset Tracy instead.

Taking advantage of the situation, Jacob decided to try and cheer Maya up – who certainly seemed to be flirting back with him, telling him he was mature for his age and thanking him for being lovely.

Maya Jacob drinking champagne before they kiss
Wrong on so many levels! (Credit: ITV)

Opening a bottle of champagne and offering some to teenager Jacob, he blurted out his feelings and leaned in for a kiss.

And she did not push him away. At first anyway!

Although she did jump up and tell him it was wrong, she let the kiss linger a bit too long for the liking of Emmerdale fans who blasted her for “leading the teenager on”.

One fan wrote: “Jacob/Maya storyline is freaking me out.”

Another said: “This Maya-Jacob thing is sooo cringe!!!!”

A third added: “Kudos to @LouisaClein on tackling the Maya-Jacob storyline. It’s uncomfortable but compelling to watch unfold piece by piece.”

Others called it “creepy”, “ridiculous”, “gross” and “wrong”.

Jacob Gallagher is played by 16-year-old Joe-Warren Plant (Credit: ITV)

However, other fans applauded the soap for tacking the subject, with one typing: “That was uncomfortable to watch. But I must say kudos to @emmerdale for tackling this storyline. It happens a lot especially in schools. #emmerdale.”

Are the pair about to embark on a forbidden affair?

What do you think of this storyline – is Jacob being groomed or is it just a crush? Leave us a comment on our Facebook page @EntertainmentDailyFix and let us know what you think!

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