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Friday 23rd August 2019

Emmerdale fans disgusted as manipulative Maya attempts to get her claws into Jacob again

The jealous teacher tried to get to Jacob through Gabby

Maya Stepney's downfall can't come soon enough for Emmerdale fans, who have been increasingly "sickened" and "disgusted" with her continued grooming of schoolboy Jacob Gallagher.

Last night (Thursday 31 January), ITV viewers were even more outraged as the teacher began to manipulate Gabby Thomas, too, in order to get to Jacob.

Maya stirs the pot between Jacob, Liv and Gabby (Credit: ITV)

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Viewers know that Maya has temporarily lost her hold over Jacob and will do anything to try and claw it back.

Soap fans were appalled to see her pulling strings and stirring the pot between Jacob and his friends, in order to get him back on side - also proving that she can't really care for him if she wants him to be so alienated.

When Maya noticed that Jacob was trying to become friends with Liv Flaherty again after the pair fell out over Gabby, she seized her chance to cause trouble...

Oh Maya, step away from the schoolgirl... (Credit: ITV)

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Olivia Jacob has gone from your friend to a creep because Maya has been messing with his head #Emmerdale.

Hoping to drive a wedge between them all, she told Gabby she was taking Jacob and Liv's renewed friendship "very well" considering the circumstances.

And fans were livid with the "stirring witch", who they accused of being "cruel", "evil" and "possessed".

One blasted: "Maya is pathetic driving a wedge between Gabby and Olivia now just because she wants Jacob isolated and all to herself. #Emmerdale."

Another raged: "Maya the disgusting manipulative [bleep]."

"Olivia, Jacob has gone from your friend to a creep because Maya has been messing with his head #Emmerdale," said a third.

Spoilers tell us that Maya's grooming of Jacob takes a sinister turn next week, when the pair have a huge fight that ends with Maya being left fighting for her life.

Maya's jealousy of Jacob's budding relationship with Liv turns violent when the teacher sees Jacob arrive at Liv's house, only for her to quickly pull him inside.

Maya is left for dead after an argument with Jacob (Credit: ITV)

Envious about their date, she decides to interfere and plots against them - telling Aaron that Liv and Jacob are getting cosy.

As Aaron storms around there and breaks up their budding romance, Jacob is later upset and angry to discover Maya was behind it and the pair fight...

Realising she's lost control over him and that he might expose her, Maya packs to leave - but, while packing in a hurry, she falls and hits her head, falling unconscious to the floor.

Will she survive?

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