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Friday 23rd August 2019

Emmerdale fans demand bosses resolve Joe Tate storyline

They just want to know what happened now, either way

Emmerdale viewers are supposed to believe that Joe Tate is dead, having been finished off by his right-hand man Graham Foster.

But as we didn't see the murder, or a body being buried, many of us have been hoping that's a sign he's alive.

Graham went off the rails drinking again after Joe's apparent disappearance, suggesting he couldn't cope with the guilt of killing his friend.

However, there also appear to have been some hints that the pretend rich kid is still kicking and breathing.

Cain and Graham are locking horns over Joe (Credit: ITV)

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Just last week Graham told Cain no one would know what had really happened without a body.

"You can tell anyone you like what happened, it's all talk until there's a body," he muttered.

How can he be so certain no corpse will be unearthed? Because he knows Joe's not dead?! Many fans want to believe that's the case.

Becoming like EastEnders now... goes on forever.

Debbie is distraught now she 'knows' Joe is dead (Credit: ITV)

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On-screen currently, Debbie and an increasing number of Dingles now 'know' that Joe is toast, believing that Cain delivered a fatal blow.

But the soap keeps teasing us with reminders of him. Yesterday on Instagram, they posted an image of Joe after being floored by Cain's fist, alongside a warning that too many people are now aware of details behind his disappearance.

"The more people who know, the harder it is to keep a secret." #Emmerdale

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With Cain due to be arrested again on suspicion of his murder, viewers are getting tired of the plot.

And, while they would ideally love Joe to saunter into The Woolpack alive and well, at this stage most viewers just want a resolution to the story.

To know for certain whether he is alive. Or dead!

One follower of Emmerdale's Instagram page wrote: "Dragging out the story. Becoming like EastEnders now... goes on forever."

Will we ever see this pair reuinted? (Credit: ITV)

Another, referencing the return of Debbie's previous lover Ross from 'the dead', said: "Come on he's not dead... Ross had the same thing happen to him and he survived so why not Joe?"

A third wrote: "Will you leave off about Joe, if you want more ratings bring him back @nedxporteous we adore him!

Yet another said: "OMG come on we want Joe back Graham knows where he is I think he is alive."

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