Emmerdale fans demand Aaron stays single forever after Robert is sent to prison for murder

Robert's going to prison for a very long time and fans are expecting Aaron to wait for him

Fans or Emmerdale have demanded Aaron Dingle stays single forever after husband Robert went to prison.

Businessman Robert handed himself in for the murder of his sister Victoria’s rapist Lee on Thursday night (October 17).

Aaron was devastated when Robert handed himself in (Credit: ITV)

Robert attacked Lee with a shovel, knocking him unconscious in a blow to the back of his head after he threatened to rape again.

He later died of a bleed on the brain as a result of the injuries, after weeks in a coma.

Robert had originally pleaded guilty to the assault.

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But with Lee now dead and Robert’s guilty plea recorded, he realised he would soon be charged with murder and decided to go on the run.

Aaron joined him, leaving his family behind but it soon became clear for Robert that he had to hand himself in to set Aaron free.

He tricked his husband into leaving him alone long enough so he could put an end to their life on the run.

Robert is facing life in prison for murdering Lee (Credit: ITV)

But with the couple, known as Robron by fans, separated for the foreseeable future, fans are demanding Aaron stay single.

One said: “We don’t want Aaron to find another love.

“We don’t want Robert killed off. We don’t want Robert recast. Please listen to us #emmerdale #robron”

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A second said: “Aaron won’t be single he will be waiting for his husband to come home. Aaron will be loyal to Robert his soulmate. His heart belongs to Robert anyways.”

Another added: “If Emmerdale makes Aaron single…. can he at least be a single parent?🤞 I want him to have Seb! They owe us this much… #Robron”

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