Hospital stranger Emmerdale

Emmerdale fans think Victoria Sugden’s new ‘love interest’ is connected to rapist Lee

Can Luke be trusted?

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Emmerdale fans are afraid for Victoria Sugden, believing that a ‘chance encounter’ with a handsome stranger wasn’t as innocent as it seemed.

On Thursday night (August 29), Victoria was surprised when a mystery man began talking to her at the hospital, and the chat soon became flirty.

Hospital stranger Luke Emmerdale
Victoria and Luke: there was a definite spark (Credit: ITV)

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Chef Victoria, who is pregnant with rapist Lee Posner’s baby, initially freaked out by the attention she got from Luke.

And when he grabbed her arm to stop her from leaving, she got spooked and ran away.

However, he was just trying to tell her that she’d forgotten her purse.

Hospital stranger Luke Emmerdale
Do you think Luke can be trusted? (Credit: ITV)

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After she’d calmed down and had a heart-to-heart with Diane, Victoria realised why she’d overreacted and apologised to the stranger when she later bumped into him again.

And, as he returned her wallet, it was clear there was a spark between the pair.

But some fans don’t trust the newcomer, thinking he is in some way connected to the man who raped her.

One predicted: “Bet that guy she was talking to is visiting the father of her baby?”

Another added: “The guy is definitely a friend of Lee’s or family.”

A third said: “I don’t know why, but I have a feeling that he’s linked to Lee or a friend of his.”

“Is that bloke one of Lee’s relatives? Explains why he’s been in hospital all afternoon and worming his way into Vic’s life.”

One worried fan warned: “Don’t fall for it Victoria. He’s Lee’s mate.”

Hospital stranger Luke Emmerdale
Could Luke be related to Lee in some way? (Credit: ITV)

Others saw no danger, instead hoped it was the start of a potential romance for Victoria.

Emmerdale viewers know that vile Lee Posner raped Victoria earlier this year in horrifying scenes and left her pregnant with his child.

After he refused to leave her alone, Vic’s brother Robert beat him up, leaving him in a coma.

Robert is now facing life behind bars for the assault.

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