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Monday 24th February 2020

Emmerdale fans convinced Cain Dingle will DIE after spotting worrying clue

RIP Cain?

Cain Dingle fans are terrified he will die during this week's dramatic episodes to celebrate Emmerdale's anniversary.

And they have evidence that the fan favourite will meet a sticky end.

Rule number one of driving: Never get behind a wheel when angry (Credit: ITV)

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On Wednesday (October 23), Cain dealt with the aftermath of discovering his wife Moira was having an affair with the man he'd just discovered was his son Nate.

Dramatic enough on its own, but throw in a lake, a boat, some escaping petrol and Cain's infamous temper - and it was always going to end badly.

After Moira was knocked off the boat and Nate admitted he couldn't swim, a heroic Cain dived in to rescue his wife from the weeds which were pulling her down.

Cain saved Moira from drowning (Credit: ITV)

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Somehow, Cain managed to keep Moira alive until a huge explosion above water made the whole lake shake and somehow dislodge Moira from what could have been her watery grave.

Swimming to the surface, they eventually found Nate clinging on to the debris of the destroyed boat.

Why do I have this feeling that Cain's going to die?

Cain, not willing to hang around now he knew they were both safe, was seen getting into his car and driving away at high speed.

Cain was shocked to discover Nate is his son - but who is his mum? (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, Chas had given birth in the toilets of The Woolpack and fans believe her words sealed Cain's fate...

She told her newborn daughter that "she needed to meet Cain next" - which worried fans who understand how this could be a curse in the world of soaps!

One viewer wrote: "I'm worried now with Chas telling the baby she'd meet uncle Cain next and him speeding off in his car.... If Jeff's out too then so am I!"

Another agreed, saying: "Worried for Cain now... Chas saying her baby needs to see him as Cain drives off freezing cold in a rage... #Emmerdale."

A third said: "Why do I have this feeling that Cain's going to die?"

"Well done Cain," wrote one more. "Just leave them. You managed not to kill them so now leave them. You've done your bit. But don't now crash on the way home. The way she just said '..til you meet Cain' to her new baby means Cain will crash and nearly die."

The timing of the dramatic explosion upholds Emmerdale's tradition of going big in October, the month of the soap's anniversary.

In previous years, Emmerdale - which began in October 1972 - has hosted the 40th anniversary live episode and death of Carl King in 2012, killer Cameron Murray's Woolpack siege in 2013, the Hotten motorway crash in 2016 and the murder of Emma Barton in 2017.

Last year saw Maya Stepney's relationship with Jacob Gallagher exposed, and the horrifying rape of Victoria Sugden.

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