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Emmerdale fans “can’t wait” until Maya is found out TONIGHT

She's set to be exposed at last!

Emmerdale fans are literally salivating at the thought of Maya Stepney being exposed as a groomer in tonight’s dramatic Big Night Out episode.

On Thursday night (April 25), the teacher’s relationship with her student Jacob Gallagher will be discovered by one of the female residents of the village.

Everyone’s lives will be changed forever – especially Maya and Jacob’s (Credit: ITV)

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After months of cloak and daggers, the disturbed woman is about to get her comeuppance.

Viewers have been horrified as she’s manipulated and gaslighted Jacob, as well as enjoying sexual relations with the teenager.

But all that is about to change.

Fans have been disgusted by Maya’s actions (Credit: ITV)

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Last night (Wednesday April 24), fans bayed for Maya’s blood after she threatened to destroy Liv Flaherty’s life.

After discovering Maya’s affair with Jacob, Liv has been blackmailing Maya for money.

While she could have alerted police, the school or told someone else in the village, she’s desperate to raise money to help brother Aaron with his surrogacy battle.

Maya turned nasty towards Liv (Credit: ITV)

Backed into a corner, Maya issued a chilling threat to Liv, saying: “I will make you suffer.

“I will pick apart your miserable little life and I will enjoy it. So keep your vile, stupid mouth shut and wait.”

Viewers were raging at the character for blaming everyone but herself, and can’t wait until she is exposed.

One said: “Can we slap Maya? She has no right to speak to Liv like that. Tomorrow can’t come soon enough when someone else finds out about her and Jacob #Emmerdale.”

Another said: “If we don’t see Leyla going medieval on Maya tonight in #Emmerdale then I may have to hand in my stan card. Let’s see the fists fly! The hair pulled!”

A third added: “#Emmerdale tonight that [bleep] Maya gets caught and I can’t wait.”

“Though the Maya and Jacob storyline is uncomfortable to watch, it is very important to raise awareness of this issue,” said one more. “And @LouisaClein is doing it brilliantly, smashing it in @emmerdale at the moment. Looking forward to when everyone finds out #Emmerdale.”

Emmerdale will screen an explosive evening at a night club in which there is a stabbing, an assault and illicit kisses.

David sets out to propose to Maya, but ends up kissing Tracy! (Credit: ITV)

Viewers will see Billy Fletcher’s involvement with sinister Max have horrific consequences for brother Ellis.

Meanwhile, Maya catches David kiss Tracy – throwing her into Jacob’s arms.

We know that Maya and Jacob are caught out by another female, who then tells the other girls in the group – who seek revenge.

Pictures from the preview trailer show Tracy bloodied and alone.

Amy Walsh, who plays Tracy, recently told Digital Spy: “Maya is caught with Jacob by one of the girls and news travels fast.

“Initially, they don’t believe as a group what’s been seen is the truth… Not that one of us is lying, but that there must be some explanation.

“As soon as they realise what’s happening, they want to get Maya on her own and hear the truth. It gets a bit crazy and I can’t say too much more.”

Meanwhile, actress Louisa Clein also told the website that Maya will face an “unbelievable fury” when she is caught out.

However viewers will have to wait until the week starting May 6 to discover what really happened in a series of shocking flashbacks…

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