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Sunday 15th December 2019

Emmerdale fans call out 'mistake' as Bear claims he can't read

Faith guessed that Bear was hiding a secret

Viewers of Emmerdale believe they have spotted an inconsistency in Bear's backstory.

This week, the wrestler revealed he was unable to read after Faith guessed he was hiding something...

But some viewers were left baffled, claiming Bear had previously been able to write passionate love letters!

Bear made the surprising statement to Faith this week (Credit: ITV)

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Bear's secret was revealed after he blurted out the gender of Chas and Paddy's unborn child after 'reading' a letter with information about their scan.

As the couple were gutted their special moment had been spoiled, it was later revealed that Bear had simply guessed the gender because he can't actually read...

Faith had guessed he was illiterate, when she noticed that he had bought Paddy a card saying 'grandfather' and worked out he'd never learnt to read and write.

Bear says he can't read, leaving viewers confused... (Credit: ITV)

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Taking him aside at Paddy's 50th birthday party, she said: "Silly mistake with the card, eh? Anyone who couldn't read maybe? Just tell me, if you can't read, how did you read the letter with the scan?"

If Bear can't read, how did he send all those letters to Paddy's mum?

To which Bear admitted: "I guessed."

However, fans were quick to call out the soap on what they perceived to be a blunder, saying Bear's character was introduced to the soap having exchanged love letters with Paddy's late mum...

So how could he have had a long-distance love affair if he wasn't able to read the letters and write back?

One confused fan tweeted: "How come Bear suddenly can't read and messed up the scan when he corresponded with Paddy's mum through love letters?"

Another said: "If Bear can't read, how did he send all those letters to Paddy's mum?"

A third added: "How can Bear not be able to read, when he wrote a love letter to Paddy's mum which led to the whole discovery of Paddy's real dad?!? #emmerdale #storyline #knowyourbackstory."

On Digital Spy Forums, another baffled fan wrote: "I'm sure we have seen him reading and didn't the affair with Paddy's mum get discovered as they wrote each other long love letters?

"So how would he know what to say if he couldn't read what she had written? So unless in the past he got someone else to read the letters and write a reply but, then if he did that, surely he could have got someone to choose the correct card in the shop?"

Wrestler Bear Wolf was first introduced in February (Credit: ITV)

Another added: "Yep it looks like the Emmerdale crew have screwed this up, saying one minute that Bear and Paddy's mum exchanged letters for years and now saying Bear can't read."

Others recalled that Bear had previously sent his son a postcard.

However, some fans believe there is more to the story, with one saying: "There is no way Emmerdale forgot about the letters. I think there will be more to this."

Another agreed, typing: "Or was it deliberate so when Paddy finds out, he'll ask the same question fans are asking - how did you write those letters if you can't read?"

A spokesperson for Emmerdale declined to comment.

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