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Sunday 8th December 2019

Emmerdale fans brand Kerry 'disgusting and vile', and say she's worse than Kim Tate

They hate Amy too!

Emmerdale viewers have expressed their disgust at Kerry Wyatt and her daughter Amy, in the aftermath of the devastating fire that they started.

Soap fans have described Kerry as "worse than Kim Tate" for her involvement in the blaze that led to the death of Frank Clayton.

Amy and Kerry don't really like each other very much either! (Credit: ITV)

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After recent calls for the pair to be axed, Emmerdale fans have slammed the mother and daughter again after the unsettling events of Wednesday night's episode (August 7).

Understandably, those watching from home were horrified when Kerry accompanied Tracy to the morgue to see her dad's body.

After finding out, Amy was livid with her mum, lashing out at her for "getting off on the drama" of Frank's death.

Amy and Kerry inadvertently started the fire which killed Frank (Credit: ITV)

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She spat: "You're like one of them ghouls, them freaks that hang around the investigation when they're the ones who have done the crime.

"You're getting off on it! You love the drama."

Defending herself, Kerry shouted: "I hate what's happened. I can't bring him back, can I?"

Kerry is an absolute snake. How low can she go? Disgusting!

However, Amy yelled back: "You've always been like this! Like there's something missing, like your brain's been wired up wrong. I can't do it! I can't lie anymore, Mam! I can't handle it!"

Frank Clayton died in the fire that Kerry and Amy started (Credit: ITV)

The episode ended with Amy heading to the police station to give a statement - but will it be the truth?

Fans once again expressed their fury with the pair, with one tweeting: "Doesn't Kerry feel guilty? Where's her conscience?! Kerry is heartless!!"

Another blasted: "Never, ever have I disliked a soap character as much I dislike Kerry Wyatt #vile."

A third fumed: "Kerry's irritated me before, but I don't know if I remember her being this cold-blooded."

"I thought Kim was a [bleep]," typed one, "but Kerry's just stolen the title."

Others demanded that Kerry and Amy get caught soon, with one saying their characters have been "ruined".

Earlier this week, fans were outraged when Kerry lied to the police and tried to pin the factory fire on Frank.

And accompanying Tracy to the morgue proved yet one more step too far.

Will Kerry and Amy's involvement in the factory fire be discovered? Or will poor Frank continue to get the blame?

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