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Thursday 27th February 2020

Emmerdale fans beg bosses to axe Kerry after Tracy's savage insult

Is her time up?

Fans of Emmerdale are desperate for Kerry Wyatt to go to prison.

Kerry caused the death of Frank Clayton earlier this year in the factory fire - and framed him for it to protect her secret.

Fans want Kerry gone from the village (Credit: ITV)

His daughters Vanessa and Tracy found out what she and daughter Amy did, but were stopped from exposing them to the police after Kerry blackmailed them.

Kerry had been injured trying to stop Tracy from going to the police and was willing to blame her for it.

The sisters were left at a stalemate but last night, when Tracy discovered how low Kerry had sunk in sleeping with Cain Dingle, her grandson's father, she let Kerry have it.

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In a shock turn, Kerry offered to go to prison for Frank's death, telling her: "I really don't care what happens to me now.

"I need to step up and pay for what I did to your dad. Nothing's gone right [since] your dad passed.

"There's nothing left for me here now. Dob me into the police."

Frank died in the fire Kerry and Amy started (Credit: ITV)

But Tracy refused and told her: "Yet again it's all about you. Prison is too good for you anyway. It's way better that me and Vanessa get to witness you living out your pathetic life. No friends. No family.

"Even your own daughter hates you. You are nothing but a geriatric wannabe Love Islander."

Viewers fell about laughing at Tracy's savage insult and begged bosses to axe Kerry and send her to prison anyway.

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One said: "#emmerdale YES. Get rid of Kerry. PLEASE."

A second said: "Now Kerry has no one in the village who would give her the time of day or an ounce of respect, can #Emmerdale PLEASE get rid of this disgusting, vile, hideous creature once and for all?"

A third said: "Can someone let me know when Kerry gets written out of #Emmerdale I cannot stand her! And to be clear I’m talking about the character not the actress X"

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