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Sunday 17th November 2019

Emmerdale fans back Robert and Aaron in rape battle

The boys attempts to help were slightly misguided

Fans of Emmerdale have thrown their support behind Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle after they took on Victoria Barton's rapist.

Monday night's episode (June 17) saw Robron return from an early morning mission to fly-poster the surrounding areas with an image of Lee and the word 'rapist' written across it.

But Vic, who was brutally raped by Lee, was not happy when she discovered the posters and demanded the boys take them down.

Robert's attempt to help was a little misguided (Credit: ITV)

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It got worse though, when Lee spotted them removing the offending material, he called the police and reported Victoria for putting them up in the first place.

Victoria was devastated when the police came to see her saying a complaint was made against her.

Victoria was absolutely fuming (Credit: ITV)

She lashed out at Robert and told him she didn't want anything to do with him ever again.

I understand Vic and I'm on her side whatever she wants, but this making Robron out to be the bad people when they just want to help is getting on my wick.

While fans understand what Vic has been through and how hard it must be for her, a lot of them were on Robert's side.

They felt he was just trying to help - and questioned why she wants to protect the man who raped her when Robert and Aaron's stunt could save the next victim.

Expressing their feelings on Twitter, viewers weren't impressed by the chef's reaction.

There were some who supported Victoria though, with one saying it "happened to her, not her brother" and they need to "let her deal with it the way she wants."

And another who said he shouldn't be trying to get revenge in that way.

Later this week Aaron will get Victoria and Robert together to talk things through at dad Jack's graveside.

Robert has been trying his best to support his sister following her ordeal, but when she discovered she was pregnant with Lee's baby and then announced she had decided to keep the child, Robert's struggled.

Can they work out their differences? Or has this latest incident done too much damage to mend?

Emmerdale is on Monday to Friday at 7pm with extra episodes on Tuesday and Thursday at 8pm on ITV.

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