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Monday 17th June 2019

Emmerdale fans aren't loving Victoria Barton's new hair

The new do is distracting fans

Emmerdale viewers saw the on-screen debut of Victoria Barton's new haircut during Thursday night's episode (April 11) and it didn't win a lot of fans.

Victoria was having a meal with her ex, Ellis, after they got locked in together. They ended up having quite a lot of fun, singing and dancing to Cher and drinking Champagne.

Fans weren't wowed by the cut (Credit: ITV)

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But fans weren't fussed by the storyline, they found themselves more distracted by Vic's new 'do.

Far more used to seeing the chef with her long tresses scraped back in a bun or ponytail, the newly shortened locks stunned some watching.

Heading over to Twitter, viewers expressed their distaste, with some even making unflattering compairsons with Johnny Depp's version of Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Short or long hair is probably going to be the last thing on Victoria's mind in the next few weeks as it seems like something awful is going to happen to her.

The villagers are all planning to go on a big night out clubbing and in a promo for the episodes, which will be told in flashback, Emmerdale has revealed shots of Victoria shaking and looking upset.

The concept video features a series of characters, looking in the mirror before and after their night out.

The tag line: "One night will change everything" appears at the end.

The promo starts with Vic doing her make up in front of a mirror. The reflection staring back at her is looking bedraggled, shaking and shivering. What's happened to her?

Victoria looks shaken (Credit: ITV/Facebook)

The video also shows Billy Fletcher and his brother Ellis, Leyla smashing a mirror, and paedophile Maya falling to her knees with a bloody forehead - has she been caught out?

Maya's mirror image isn't in a good way (Credit: ITV/Facebook)

Emmerdale recently announced the special night out episode with producer Kate Brooks teasing plans for the non-linear storytelling.

She told The Irish Sun: "It's a night out for some of our characters, and we'll find out a week later what's gone on in that night out in a series of flashbacks."

She continued: "Ostensibly it's 'hey, Emmerdale are out having fun in a club'. But then it will be revealed that it will change some of our characters' lives for good.

"There's a lot of drama involved in that night and, because we're Emmerdale, we're telling it in a kind of different way."

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