Mandy Dingle returns to Emmerdale

Emmerdale fans are divided by Mandy Dingle’s return – is she a vile caricature?

She's like Marmite: some love her, some hate her!

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Mandy Dingle has only been back in Emmerdale for a matter of days, and already the money-mad schemer has managed to rub several village residents up the wrong way.

And it’s not just her neighbours she’s managed to divide!

Next week, Mandy pretends to be pregnant to attend an ante-natal meeting with Paddy (Credit: ITV)
Next week, Mandy pretends to be pregnant to attend an ante-natal meeting with Paddy (Credit: ITV)

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Since her return, some viewers have expressed hope that the feisty character will inject some fun into what they believe has become a “boring” soap.

But others have slammed Lisa Riley’s character for being “vile” and “nasty”.

Be careful she doesn’t hear you, or she’ll probably clobber you over the head with that big handbag of hers!

Mandy and son Vinny have been up to no good since returning to the village (Credit: ITV)

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Although the REAL reason for Mandy’s return has not yet been revealed, some viewers have called for her to leave already – with some even begging for her to be killed off!

Writing on Digital Spy Forums, one user complained: “Please make Mandy Dingle’s return only temporary. She’s worse than I remember. Awful.”

Another added: “She’s vile this time. I can’t recall her being so nasty.”

Mandy walked in on Jessie cheating on Marlon (Credit: ITV)
Mandy walked in on Jessie cheating on Marlon (Credit: ITV)

A third said: “She is just dreadful and the reason that I fast forward most of her scenes. Another pantomime character returning.”

“She’s absolutely vile and needs killing off,” seethed one more.

One critic called her a “nasty, interfering, selfish, chavvy scrounger”.

Writing on an Emmerdale Facebook forum, one lady wrote: “Mandy has spoilt it for me. I don’t want to watch anymore.”

However some fans disagreed, with one defending the character, saying: “I quite like her. She is a typical Dingle, a scrounger, but nicer than I remember.”

Another added: “I like Mandy. At least she adds a bit of excitement and colour to what is a very, very boring and dull show at the moment.”

“She’s one of the only watchable characters at the moment. I hope she stays!” insisted another.

After a brief return in the New Year after 19 years away, Mandy’s latest return is set to be more permanent.

Can she redeem herself with her critics?

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