Debbie Dingle’s Emmerdale exit for Charley Webb’s maternity revealed?

She's set for an explosive exit

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Debbie Dingle’s exit from Emmerdale may have been hinted during an episode last week.

The mechanic will soon leave the village when actress Charley Webb goes on maternity leave to have her third baby.

Debbie will do anything to get Cain out of her life (Credit: ITV)

And last week it was revealed how Debbie is planning for a new life in Aberdeen, hinting that this could be when Charley goes on maternity leave.

She has been left horrified by the news her dad killed her boyfriend Joe Tate, even though viewers know he didn’t.

Debbie is going to try running her dad out of the village after failing to get the family to turn on him, and there are plenty of twists and turns to come.

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When an incident happens next week and Cain criticises Debbie’s parenting in a furious row, Debbie turns on him and slaps him.

In a blind fury she then rants to Kerry Wyatt telling her to keep Kyle away from Cain.

However it all goes too far when she discovers Kerry has taken her warning to heart and called social services, leading to another row between Cain and Dan that is witnessed by the social worker.

Debbie rants at Kerry and ends up costing Cain his son Kyle (Credit: ITV)

With Kerry realising she could be in trouble too, she sets about trying to track down her daughter Amy to save Kyle from a life in care.

But Debbie’s problems are only just beginning with the return of Kim Tate from prison.

While viewers know Kim ordered Joe’s murder, Debbie doesn’t and with that set to be exposed Debbie could literally be facing the fight for her life.

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If Kim knows Debbie knows what she did then she would have no hesitation in ordering her death, meaning Debbie would have to flee the village to save herself.

Another theory suggests Kim will frame Debbie for Joe’s murder, leading to another prison stint for the mum of one.

Or she could always just fancy a change of pace and move to Aberdeen, but we doubt it somehow.

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