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Friday 6th December 2019

Emmerdale fans call out embarrassing blunders as Vanessa is stabbed

The vet was attacked by Lachlan's dad Donny Cairn in brutal scenes

Vanessa Woodfield has been left fighting for her life after being stabbed by Lachlan White's dad Donny Cairn.

As Charity went off in search of revenge, an ambulance was called for Vanessa.

The vet was then rushed to hospital with her loved ones - and fans - all fearing for her life.

Will Vanessa pull through? (Credit: ITV)

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But Emmerdale fans weren't convinced by the emergency paramedic team, who they accused of being "useless" and "negligent".

As Vanessa lay in the bed suffering from life-threatening internal injuries, the paramedic "just sat there" and "never budged".

And viewers were fuming!

Remind me never to get into an ambulance in Emmerdale after being stabbed - no oxygen, paramedic just sat watching.

One said: "Remind me never to get into an ambulance in Emmerdale after being stabbed - no oxygen, paramedic just sat watching. Put a claim in for negligence if she dies #emmerdale #vanessa @emmerdale."

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Another said: "Paramedic never budged. Poor vanessa #emmerdale."

A third added: "Is it just me or is that paramedic doing absolutely zero for Vanessa no oxygen nothing @emmerdale."

"The award for most useful paramedic in the soaps goes to the one in the ambulance with Vanessa tonight in Emmerdale," criticised another. "She is crashing due to suspected internal bleeding and low blood pressure and the paramedic didn't even get out of her seat. #Emmerdale."

Concerned viewers now have to wait to discover if Vanessa will pull through.

Lachlan's latest horrifying act unfolded... (Credit: ITV)

Last night (Thursday 10 January), the vet was in the wrong place at the wrong time when she saw Donny pouring petrol over the bins at the back of The Woolpack.

After a struggle, Lachlan's dodgy dad stabbed her with a broken bottle and made his getaway - but not before setting the bins alight.

He made a getaway by stealing Vanessa's car - not realising her son Johnny was strapped in the back.

Through sheer force of will, Vanessa managed to call for help and get medical attention, while the Dingle family stopped the fire and Charity pursued Donny.

Charity sure made Donny pay! (Credit: ITV)

In cathartic scenes, Charity was seen beating Donny up with a metal pole, leaving him unconscious and rescuing Johnny before the police showed up.

But will Vanessa survive? And is this the last we'll see of Lachlan and his dad?

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