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Monday 20th January 2020

Emmerdale actress Laura Norton addresses backlash against her character Kerry

She is partly responsible for Frank Clayton's death

Emmerdale fans have made Kerry Wyatt public enemy number one ever since her involvement in the death of Frank Clayton.

Not only did she and daughter Amy steal charity money from the Sharma factory, they also accidentally caused the fire which killed Frank and almost injured many others.

Even Amy doesn't seem to like her mum very much (Credit: ITV)

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Since the tragic event, viewers have turned on Kerry for not coming clean about the fire, furious that she has even attempted to blame victim Frank for starting the fire.

Those watching from home have been left livid by Kerry's lies and attempts to save herself, with many calling for the character to be axed altogether.

She's been called "vile", "disgusting", "monstrous" and even worse than Kim Tate!

Kerry and Amy consoled grieving Megan - knowing they were behind Frank's death (Credit: ITV)

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And now actress Laura Norton has addressed the huge backlash, and admitted the storyline has been hard to do.

Speaking to, she said: "As an actress, I'm loving doing something really gritty. I have to be honest, I've found this one of the hardest things to play since I've been here.

There'd be something wrong if people were enjoying what she's doing.

"It's really hard to play the guilt, without being really on the nose.

"I've had chats with directors about what happens when you're lying. In real life, if someone tends to lie and fib, they do it convincingly so people don't know."

She continued: "But at the same time, you're trying to show an audience that Kerry is living with guilt, she doesn't feel good, and she's not finding it easy lying.

"In real life, that isn't what you would show, so I've found it really hard to play."

Laura, who is engaged to former co-star Mark Jordon, told the website that although she'd found the storyline hard, she's enjoyed researching for the role - including watching HBO's Big Little Lies about five women who lie about their involvement in a mrder.

Discussing fan reaction, she stated: "People haven't been on board with Kerry's decision-making and rightly so. It's my job to give the writing the justice it deserves, because these are stories that do happen.

Frank died in a fire started by Kerry and daughter Amy (Credit: ITV)

"People do make these decisions and you're representing real people, so it's about trying to find as much truth as humanly possible in it. [...] There'd be something wrong if people were enjoying what she's doing."

She explained that while Kerry is clearly flawed, she is "doing things for the right reasons" and believes Kerry can redeem herself.

But with viewers baying for her blood, we'll have to wait and see if she'll ever be forgiven.

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