Drama in Emmerdale as Graham Foster’s dark new storyline kicks off

His guilty conscience is catching up with him

Tonight’s trip to Emmerdale will see a new dark twist for Graham Foster.

Kim Tate’s right-hand man has been struggling with the guilt after killing Joe Tate and, as he starts to use alcohol to numb the pain, it seems it’s only a matter of time before his deadly secret comes out.

Debbie is heartbroken when Graham reveals the truth about ‘Joe’s’ text (Credit: ITV)

Tonight viewers will see Debbie grow suspicious over a text that she received from Joe’s phone.

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Fans will know that it’s impossible for Joe to send Debbie a text, what with him being dead and all, and it isn’t long before Graham is forced to admit it was him who sent the message.

Debbie and Graham have a huge fight (Credit: ITV)

Despite the fact Graham claims he was trying to make Debbie feel better, the news that Joe hasn’t been in touch after all hits her hard and the pair fight.

But soon the matter of Joe’s fake text message is the least of everyone’s worries when a depressed Graham makes another shocking decision after being confronted by a fuming Cain.

Joe Tate and Graham Foster
Graham has been struggling ever since he murdered Joe (Credit: ITV

Still thinking that he’s the one who killed Joe, Cain will urge Graham to move on with his life and try and get a grip on reality… if only he knew why Graham was really behaving the way he is!

With Cain’s words ringing in his ears, Tuesday night’s visit to the Dales sees Graham ordering Priya to serve Debbie an eviction notice on her home.

We’re not sure that’s exactly what Cain meant by moving on…

Debbie is turfed out of her home this week (Credit: ITV)

Debbie is set to be stunned when she realises she’s being thrown out of her house, but her anger is nothing in comparison to how her dad reacts when he finds out.

With the ghost of Joe still haunting him, alcoholic Graham tries to forget his guilt by hitting the bottle, but when Cain finds out he’s not happy.

Debbie confronts Graham, will he reveal all? (Credit: ITV)

When Cain sees a clearly worse for wear Graham in the pub in tomorrow’s episode, the pair end up fighting after Cain drags Graham out of the Woolpack to confront him over his actions.

By Wednesday this week Debbie’s had enough and confronts Joe’s murderer over his bizarre behaviour.

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Noah is worried about Graham and asks Debs to see if she can get to the bottom of his change in character. Debbie is only too happy to oblige, hoping it might give her the answers she’s so desperately looking for.

Is this the moment Graham is about to crack and reveal all? Or is his downward spiral continue for the foreseeable future?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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