Doug Potts leaving Emmerdale

Emmerdale fans incredulous at Doug’s ‘unrealistic’ move to Australia

Is it really that easy?

Viewers of Emmerdale were left incredulous last night, when Doug Potts announced he was moving to Australia within days.

Those watching the episode on Wednesday (February 26) questioned whether the plot was realistic, believing Doug was too old to be able to move Down Under, and unconvinced he’d be able to make such a quick getaway.

Doug Potts leaving Emmerdale
Doug is saying his goodbyes to his nearest and dearest (Credit: ITV)

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Just a few days ago, the soap revealed that Duncan Preston – who has played Doug for 13 years – had quit the soap and his character’s final appearance would be shown this week.

Emmerdale really? Do your research. Doug can’t just emigrate to Australia unless he’s got huge amount of cash.

Emmerdale confirmed that Duncan is leaving the soap, and there are “no plans” for his return.

This week, he returned from Australia with daughter Laurel and her stepdaughter Gabby, son Arthur, and daughter Dotty.

Doug Potts leaving Emmerdale
Duncan Preston has quit his role as Doug Potts (Credit: ITV)

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They were there for the funeral of Sandy Thomas, father of Laurel’s late husband Ashley.

However, after spending time in Australia, Doug returned and broke the news that he plans to move there for good.

But, as he explained to Laurel that he was moving into Sandy’s apartment and “taking a leap of faith”, viewers couldn’t believe he’d be allowed to move there and so quickly!

One wrote: “Someone tell me how Doug is able to just up sticks and move to Australia?! He must be in his seventies, so how does he get a visa? #Emmerdale.”

Another said: “How? He’s too old, no cash, no visa.”

A third dripped with sarcasm when they wrote: “Yeah, everyone knows you can just decide you want to live in Australia and you can go the next day as well, just like that, marvellous.”

“You can’t just move to Australia! He’s far too old… A visa would never be given to him,” insisted another, and one more said: “If only it was that easy, no visa, no PR if he was planning to live permanently oh and he must have hundreds of 000s of dollars behind him.”

Doug had been dating Brenda (Credit: ITV)

Another fumed: “Emmerdale really? Do your research. Doug can’t just emigrate to Australia unless he’s got huge amount of cash. Takes a year as well to try get a permanent visa. Be realistic.”

However, one fan reminded everyone it’s just a TV show, saying: “Why can’t people realise this is a soap and when a person wants to leave they can and so need to be written out.”

Emmerdale Doug smokes weed in public
Doug was recently involved in a cannabis storyline (Credit: ITV)

Doug was first introduced back in 2007 as the father of Laurel and her sister, Caroline Swann.

He and his wife at the time, Hilary, arrived in the village to visit Laurel and her husband Ashley.

Doug and Hilary later got a divorce and currently his character is in a relationship with Brenda, after spending a long time with Diane Sugden.

We have contacted Emmerdale for comment.

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