Emmerdale boss defends decision to kill off Gerry after public backlash

Gerry was murdered in cold blood

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An Emmerdale boss has stepped forward to defend the soap’s decision to kill off Gerry Roberts in a brutal, cold-blooded murder.

Fans of the ITV soap were horrified when the fan-favourite was murdered by so-called best friend Lachlan White in dramatic episodes aired on Thursday (17 May).

While some fans refused to believe the shocking death, others claimed it was a “travesty”, “idiotic” and a “terrible decision”.

R.I.P. Gerry Roberts (Credit: ITV)

Many angry and upset viewers called the decision to kill off the good guy as one of the “worst decisions ever made”.

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However, John Whiston – ITV’s managing director of continuing drama – has defended the shock death, praising soaps for tackling important subjects.

In quotes printed in, he said: “I don’t think that it’s that the world has got any darker, I just think that we on soaps have got a bit more confident on tackling subjects that really, really matter and a large part of that is having such a great ensemble cast.”

He also went on to insist they aren’t sensationalist, saying: “We don’t just sit around and think, ‘Why don’t we do this story because it’s zeitgeisty’. We think, ‘What makes sense for this character? Where do we want to take that character next?’

“And that confidence comes quite simply from the power of our actors to make the stories credible and human.”

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Emmerdale joins the other main soaps who have recently been criticised for their dark storylines…

The Dales is currently dealing with storylines involving an acid attack, rape and murder, while Coronation Street has tackled suicide, male rape and grooming.

EastEnders will soon show heartbreaking scenes where teen Shakil Kazemi gets murdered in a brutal stabbing.

A spokesperson for media regulator Ofcom confirmed that Gerry’s death has so far received 74 complaints.

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