Joe Tate leaves Emmerdale

7 facts giving us hope that Emmerdale’s Joe Tate could still be alive

Are the fan theories correct?

Emmerdale viewers were horrified at the end of last week’s big Kim Tate comeback episodes when it appeared fan favourite Joe Tate met a grisly end thanks to Graham Foster.

But while Graham seemed to finish off the job that Cain Dingle started when he punched Joe for standing Debbie up at the altar, did he really shoot Joe and dump his body by Hotten viaduct?

Fans have taken to social media to claim that this might not be the last we’ve seen of Joe, so we’ve come up with seven reasons why he COULD still be alive…

1. We didn’t see a body

Where’s the body? (Credit: ITV)

Every soap fan knows that it’s soap law that you have to see a body to believe the person is actually dead. It’s just the way soaps work – you have to see it to believe it – otherwise there’s always a chance that it’s not real.

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2. Graham loved him too much

Joe Tate and Graham Foster
Surely even Graham isn’t capable of killing the closest thing he’ll get to a son? (Credit: ITV)

We know that Graham is apparently in love with boss Kim, and he was only following her orders by apparently getting rid of Joe.

But viewers also know that Graham loved Joe like a son. The pair had a relationship that went back years, surely this means he would always pick allegiance with Joe over Kim?

3. Ned Porteous’ goodbye video wasn’t that convincing 

We might have had a farewell video from actor Ned Porteous, but while it was definitely filmed on set as the cast and crew shot the scenes we watched on screen last week, the whole thing looked like he’s filmed it on his mobile phone.

Professional it was not. Could this mean something?

4. Even Charley Webb is having doubts 

Is Charley Webb onto something here? (Credit: ITV)

It seems even some of the Emmerdale cast aren’t entirely convinced this is the last we’ve seen of Joe. At a recent press event, Charley Webb, who plays Joe’s love interest Debbie Dingle, was asked if Joe had really met his maker…

“We actually don’t know. Whichever it is, Cain’s not actually killed him. He’s either alive, or Graham is the one who killed him.

“If it comes out, it won’t be Cain who’s to blame because Joe’s fingers twitched, so he was alive and then Graham shot him.”

5. The twitching finger

We all saw it! (Credit: ITV)

Viewers were witness to the fact that Cain didn’t actually deal a killer punch, and that Joe was still alive when he was loaded into the car boot by Graham.

And as we didn’t see Joe again on screen after this point, does this give Emmerdale a plausible excuse to bring him back at some point in the future?

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6. There HAS to be unfinished business

Kim met almost everyone at the masquerade ball but Joe (Credit: ITV)

The fact that Joe and Kim Tate never actually shared any scenes together is still playing on our minds.

If Kim hates Joe so badly that she wanted him dead, then surely it would make good TV if we saw them on screen together?

We’re convinced there has to be some unfinished business between the pair. Could Joe be making a comeback when Kim returns to the soap permanently next year?

7. If Graham’s a killer then he’ll get his comeuppance 

Is Graham a killer? (Credit: ITV)

Every soap fan knows that eventually all soap baddies have to get what’s coming to them. It is another soap law that we all abide by.

So if Graham does have blood on his hands, that means he’s surely due to get his comeuppance?

All eyes will be on Mr Foster for the coming months… if he doesn’t get any sort of pay back for killing Joe, does that mean he didn’t do it?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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