emmerdale worst parents comp

Emmerdale: Worst ever parents from Debbie Dingle to Kim Tate

These parents really shouldn't have had children

Emmerdale has some truly terrible parents in its character roster but some are a special kind of awful.

From abandoning their children, to abusing them, to setting them up for crimes – Jo Frost would have a field day with them all.

But who are the ITV soap‘s worst?

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Charley quit her role as Debbie Dingle last year (Credit: ITV)
Emmerdale mum of the year Debbie Dingle has yet to birth a child she hasn’t abandoned (Credit: ITV)

Debbie Dingle

All hail the most selfish character to literally exist in Soapland.

Coming from the combined horror show that is Cain and Charity Dingle, Debbie was never going to be a stand-up member of society.

But by abandoning her child to *checks notes* find a garage manager in Scotland, only never to return is something else.

The child in question could drop dead at any moment and is currently going through hell with her great grandmother’s impending death.

And Debbie is never coming back. Mother of the Year!

Cain Dingle

There are so many things he has done to his various children – but let’s remember one particularly fun father and daughter bonding time that Cain did to Debbie.

Out of petty malice he seduced Debbie’s love Jasmine to hurt his own daughter.

It doesn’t matter what he’s done since or even before – that makes Cain easily the worst father in Emmerdale history.

Kim Tate drove her son to fake his own death – after faking hers (Credit: ITV)

Kim Tate

Who doesn’t occasionally fake their own death to destroy their only child’s self-esteem?

Admittedly she took a sweet innocent vet who just wanted to save bunnies and help horses and turned him into a raging monster in her own image, but her stunts for Jamie were particularly cruel.

Though there’s also her step-grandson, Joe Tate, to consider.

She ordered his death countless times and only let him live because she was forced to.

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Al Chapman Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)
Al Chapman ruined his son’s life countless times in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

Al Chapman

It’s hard to keep track of who was more awful in this father and son relationship from hell but Al definitely has the edge.

The sheer number of times he blew up his own son’s life is astounding.

And he barely flinched when Ellis moved to the other side of the world – especially after bedding Priya again.

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