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Emmerdale: Will Kelvin Fletcher return as Andy Sugden? 10 other characters we want back

Mandy good characters have come and gone

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Emmerdale fans often wonder if Kelvin Fletcher will return to the soap as Andy Sugden.

Over the years many great Emmerdale characters have come and gone. But who are the ones we want to see make a return?

Emmerdale: Will Kelvin Fletcher return as Andy Sugden?

Earlier this month actor Kelvin, who played Andy for 20 years, revealed he had ‘goosebumps’ as he returned to the set of Emmerdale.

However he confirmed he was there for a different reason and not because he was returning to the soap.

We’d love to see Kelvin Fletcher return to Emmerdale as Andy Sugden (Credit: ITV)

Here are 10 other Emmerdale character Entertainment Daily soap writer Charlotte Rodrigues would like to see return.

1. Adam Barton

Adam Barton fled in 2018 (Credit: ITV)

Adam Thomas famously played Adam Barton from 2009 until 2018, when his character fled the country.

He took the blame for his aunt, Emma Barton’s murder. As fans know he was covering for his mum Moira.

But I think it would be good to see him make a comeback. Although he’s been gone just over two years, a lot has changed.

If he came back it would be likely that he would either go to prison, or Moira would confess she killed Emma, meaning she would possibly go to prison.

However, we’re sure there are ways they could get around it. Anything is possible in soapland!

2. Daz Eden

Daz was last seen in Emmerdale in 2009 (Credit: Shutterstock/ITV)

Andy’s biological half-brother Daz left the show in 2009. During his time in the Dales he had a brief romance with Victoria, despite her being Andy’s adopted sister.

When Aaron told Andy about Daz and Victoria, Andy threw his brother out and Daz eventually left the village.

I think if Andy was to come back, it would be interesting to see Daz also make a return.

Given he has been away for 11 years, a lot has probably changed for him. It would be interesting to see what the character has been up to.

Maybe he could return with a family?

3. Carly Hope

Carly dated Marlon for a brief amount of time (Credit: ITV)

Bob’s daughter Carly was last seen in 2017, when she left the village with her ex-boyfriend.

During her time on the show, she had a relationship with Marlon Dingle. But it was revealed that while she was away from the village, she had a son named Billy, who died of cot death.

Recently actress Gemma Atkinson, who played Carly during her last appearance, has revealed she would like to return for a short stint.

It would be good to see her come back for her family. Also it would be amazing to see her and Marlon try again.

With his recent heartbreak over Jessie, Marlon deserves some proper happiness.

4. Joe Tate

Joe Tate is alive! (Credit: ITV)

In 2018, viewers were left a wreck when Joe Tate was seemingly killed off.

For months, no one knew if Graham had killed Joe on Kim’s orders or helped him flee. But it was later revealed Joe was alive and had fled abroad from his killer step-grandmother.

Whilst actor Ned Porteous seems to have gone to America, it would be great to see Joe come back. Mainly because I have so many questions.

Now Graham is dead, who is looking after Joe? Does Joe know that Graham died?

Also, it would be great to see him eventually reunite with Debbie, who he was due to marry.

5. Jasmine Thomas

Jasmine Thomas went to prison in 2009 (Credit: Shutterstock/ITV)

Jasmine Thomas was played by the wonderful actress Jenna Coleman.

She is the niece of Ashley Thomas. Although Ashley died in 2017, she still has family in the village – her cousins Gabby, Arthur and Dotty.

In 2009, the character was sentenced to four years in prison for manslaughter (as she killed Shane Doyle). But she would definitely be out of prison now and it would be good to see her return.

Currently Gabby is struggling with her mum Bernice living in Australia. I think it would be interesting to see someone be there for Gabby. Perhaps Jasmine could come back to support her cousin through tough times.

She also dated Debbie Dingle during her time in the village. When Debbie eventually returns, it would be exciting to see someone from her past come and stir things up.

6. Faith Dingle

Faith left Emmerdale last year (Credit: ITV)

Cain and Chas’s mum Faith left last year after it was revealed she knew about Cain’s ex Cara falling pregnant, but failed to tell her son about his child.

The character definitely brought some comedy to the show. She was very much imperfect, but that’s what was so loveable about her.

I do miss her on-screen and think her return would make a lot of viewers very happy.

And it looks like she’s about to become a great-grandmother again when Nate’s girlfriend Tracy discovers she’s pregnant.

Bring her back for the baby’s arrival!

7. Ross Barton

Ross Barton moved to Liverpool with girlfriend Rebecca and Rebecca’s son Seb (Credit: ITV)

Moira’s nephew Ross left in 2018 with his girlfriend Rebecca.

While actor Michael Parr is now in America, viewers have made it clear they would like to see him come back to the soap.

A lot of members of the Barton family have all either died or left the village. We could do with Ross coming back and maybe even helping out Moira with Butler’s farm.

8 Alicia Metcalfe

Alicia’s son Jacob and sister Leyla still live in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

Jacob, who is Alicia’s son, was recently groomed by his school teacher and David’s girlfriend Maya Stepney.

I found it odd that Alicia didn’t return when the truth about Maya and Jacob came out. But now Jacob seems to have got his life back on track, it would be good to see her make a return.

Perhaps she could come back with a new husband, or to announce she’s getting married?

9. Tina Dingle

The character Tina Dingle was last seen in 1996 (Credit: Shutterstock/ITV)

Tina Dingle is the daughter of Zak and Nellie Dingle.

Recently fans called for Tina to return after a throwback picture was shared of her.

She was last seen in 1996. She’s never returned for any of her family members’ weddings or funerals and it’s unknown if she’s even met her half-sister Belle.

Since her departure 24 years ago, a lot has changed about the Dingle family.

During her time in the village, she had a relationship with Frank Tate. But now his ex-wife Kim and Jamie are in the village, I think Tina could ruffle a few feathers.

10. Emily Kirk

Emily Kirk has been gone for over a decade (Credit: Shutterstock/ITV)

Emily Kirk was Paddy’s second wife and was the former village vicar.

The vicar and Paddy were Debbie’s foster parents for a short amount of time. She later looked after Debbie’s daughter Sarah and fled the village with her.

However, she eventually returned, bringing Sarah back to Debbie.

In 2008 the character left for good. But I think an Emily return would make a lot of sense, given many of the people she interacted with are still living in the village.

Emily was unable to have children of her own. But it would be good to see her move back to the village.

Perhaps she eventually went on to adopt some children and have her own family?

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