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Emmerdale: Will Charles die from sepsis after it’s revealed he hurt his leg?

Will Charles be okay?

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Emmerdale aired it’s second Super Soap Week episode tonight (Tuesday, October 19), but will Charles die after it was revealed he has a bad cut on his leg?

In tonight’s scenes, the episode continued from where it left off in last night (Monday, October 18) with Charles and Manpreet struggling to get to safety after falling from the rope bridge into the river.

Manpreet and Charles were both carried along the river and tried their best to get to land.

Soon they found each other in the water and they both managed to get to land.

Charles managed to get to safety, but is his leg inured? (Credit: ITV)

Manpreet noticed Charles’s helmet was gone and he admitted he bashed his head hard and must of lost it.

Manpreet checked over Charles’s head injury.

A few seconds later Meena saw Manpreet and Charles cuddling and clearly getting closer, but she didn’t disturb them.

Charles soon suggested they try to find the others and Manpreet headed off to lead the way.

Manpreet made it to land (Credit: ITV)

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However as her back was turned, Charles looked at his leg concerned.

There was a rip in his trousers indicating an jury, but he didn’t mention it to Manpreet.

He soon followed after Manpreet and it became clear he had a limp. Is Charles okay?

Emmerdale: Will Charles die after it’s revealed he hurt his leg?

It has not been revealed if Charles will live or die this week. Also in danger is David and Victoria who ended up falling off the bridge.

Is Vic in danger? (Credit: ITV)

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The two were unable to get to safety and ended up going down the river towards a waterfall.

David and Victoria managed to grab hold of a rock, however Victoria ended up slipping out of David’s grip and down the waterfall.

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