Emmerdale: Why did Amy and Tracy fall out?

Amy and Tracy fell out in 2019

Emmerdale characters Amy and Tracy definitely don’t have the best relationship in the village but why did they fall out?

In tonight’s episode (Tuesday, January 26) Tracy thanked Amy for helping her when she believed she was going into labour last week.

Amy helped Tracy when she thought she was in labour (Credit: ITV)

Fans know that Tracy and Amy haven’t got on for a while. But why did the women fall out?

Emmerdale: Why did Amy and Tracy fall out?

In August 2019, Amy owed money to a woman from her past.

In order to try and help her, Amy’s mum Kerry stole charity money from the Sharma & Sharma factory safe.

But when she realised CCTV had caught her, she and Amy snuck into the office in order to destroy to the footage.

Kerry and Amy accidentally started the fire that killed Frank (Credit: ITV)

However they were unware that the damage they caused would cause a fire.

Tracy and Vanessa’s dad Frank had been sacked from his job at the factory just before the fire.

He went into the factory as the fire started in order to get an engagement ring from his locker, as he planned to propose to his girlfriend Megan.

But when he heard a trapped Tracy calling for help he tried to get her out.

Frank and Tracy got out of the factory but an explosion threw Frank into a van, killing him.

Frank died in 2019 (Credit: ITV)

He was initially blamed for the fire, leaving Tracy desperate to prove his innocence.

But Tracy and Vanessa eventually found out that Amy and Kerry inadvertently caused the fire which killed their father.

Did Tracy and Vanessa go to the police?

Tracy planned to go to the police, but after the confrontation with Amy and Kerry led to Kerry ending up in hospital, Tracy began to think.

Tracy tried to prove Frank didn’t start the fire (Credit: ITV)

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Later Amelia told Tracy that she sees Kerry as a mother-figure and couldn’t bear to lose someone else close to her.

Not wanting to take Kerry from Amelia, Tracy and Vanessa agreed to not to got the police as long as they stayed away from them.

Tracy and Amy

Last year, Tracy could see that Amy had a crush on Matty Barton.

Hearing Amy talking about how much she loved her new job at the HOP, which was built where the factory once was, Tracy was furious.

She warned Amy to keep away from Matty threatening to tell him the truth.

But has Tracy started to forgive Amy?

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Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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