Emmerdale Fiona Wade and husband Simon Cotton

Emmerdale: Who is Fiona Wade married to? When did Simon Cotton appear on Emmerdale too?

Fiona met her husband on the set of Emmerdale

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Emmerdale: Priya Kotecha, played by Fiona Wade, doesn’t have much luck with men.

Fortunately, in real life actress Fiona is far more settled – and completely loved up – with her husband, Simon Cotton.

Simon, a former Emmerdale star himself, and Fiona married in 2019, but how did they meet? And when did Simon star in the Dales?

Emmerdale: Who is Fiona Wade married to?

Fiona and Simon got engaged at the start of the year (Credit: SplashNews.com)

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Fiona married fellow actor Simon Cotton in October 2019.

He had proposed on New Year’s Eve with Fiona admitting she was in “floods of tears” when he popped the question at her family home in Hertfordshire.

Speaking in a joint interview with OK! magazine, Fiona added: “It took me longer than Simon. I don’t fall into relationships easily, but I wanted to be really sure.

“Everything with Simon is just so easy. He’s also amazing with my mum, which is really important.”

She said: “The proposal was perfect. I was in floods of tears.”

Following their big day, the actress revealed they were keen to start a family.

Who did Fiona Wade’s husband play in Emmerdale?

Simon and Fiona met at Emmerdale after he appeared on the hit soap briefly in August 2017.

He played Home Farm estate client Hugh Bryant.

Fans may recall that Hugh was unimpressed by Rebecca White’s organisational skills when she was left to run the business alone after a divide in her family.

He ended up terminating his contract with them and was never seen again.

Although Fiona and Simon never appeared together on-screen, they certainly hit it off off-screen!

Are Priya and Ellis dating in Emmerdale?

Ellis and Priya clearly have a connection (Credit: ITV)

Priya and Ellis Chapman are firmly marked under the ‘it’s complicated’ category.

It’s obvious there’s sexual chemistry between them and they even slept together back in March.

But given her ex is his dad, it’s not been a straightforward situation for anyone involved.

Next week will see Priya and Ellis get it on again, but it might not be happy ever after…

Who else has Priya dated?

David and Priya share a daughter together (Credit: ITV)

An ill-fated romance with Cain Dingle was first for Priya, but their affair ended when she discovered he’d got Amy Wyatt pregnant.

Next, Priya fell head over heels for David Metcalfe and the pair began a romance. But David was married to Alicia Metcalfe, though at the time their relationship was a fake.

Priya and David got engaged. But when Cameron Murray held the Woolpack up in an armed siege, Alicia got shot. David went with her to hospital and it was clear the pair had real feelings for one another.

And so, he jilted poor Priya on their wedding day.

Priya then discovered she was pregnant with his baby. She struggled through her pregnancy because she was suffering from an eating disorder, and had a dramatic birth. But thankfully, baby Amba was soon fighting fit, and Priya recovered.

Desperate for a happy ending, Priya decided to pursue an arranged marriage with handsome older man Rakesh Kotecha.

Who was Rakesh Kotecha in Emmerdale?

Rakesh was soon revealed to be totally untrustworthy. He faked paternity test results to trick son Kirin into thinking he wasn’t the father of Vanessa Woodfield‘s baby, Johnny.  He then helped Kirin to flee the country when he ran over and killed Tess Harris.

And then, crippled with debt, Rakesh burned down Mill Cottage for the insurance, leaving Nicola King with serious injuries and even began embezzling funds from the Sharmas’ business. And Priya stood by her man, the whole time.

After Rakesh got mixed up in the Whites’ dodgy dealings, Priya decided enough was enough and ran him out of the village.

Love triangle with Priya Kotecha, Al Chapman and Ellis Chapman

Al’s been cheating (Credit: ITV)

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Priya started a romance with shifty Al Chapman but she was devastated when Debbie Dingle returned to the village and revealed Al was sleeping with her, too.

The women teamed up intending to steal from Kim Tate and frame Al for the crime. But Al found out what they were planning. Debbie fled, but Priya forgave Al. But she later slept with his son, Ellis, after Al sacked her.

It’s clear there are definite feelings between Priya and Ellis as they work together to organise the survival challenge.

While the participants are fighting for their lives next week, Priya and Ellis are pretty loved up.

However, could that happiness be shortlived as tragedy looks set to strike when Meena murders again? Could Priya – or even Ellis – be in her sights?

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