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Emmerdale: What do we know about Dawn and who is the father of her son Lucas?

Lucas is Dawn's son

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Emmerdale character Dawn made her first appearance in 2018. But what do we know about her, and who is the father of her son Lucas?

In tonight’s episode of the ITV soap (Friday, January 15) it was revealed Harriet lost Lucas for about 20 minutes when visiting a department store. However his foster mum, Carol, was also at the store.

Eventually the little boy was found by a shopkeeper.

Lucas will be taken away from Dawn in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

After seeing Harriet’s behaviour, Eloise called the police and Dawn will have to watch her son being taken away.

Dawn is devastated that her son had been taken back into care.

Emmerdale: Dawn’s past

Dawn was raised by her dad Will. It was never mentioned what happened to Dawn’s mother.

Before their life in Emmerdale, Will was a drug smuggler, working for corrupt copper DI Malone.

Eventually Will started a woman named Michelle (who was actually Harriet acting as an undercover police officer).

Harriet went undercover as Michelle (Credit: ITV)

‘Michelle’ became a mother figure to Dawn and she was undercover, in a relationship with Will, who obviously had no idea she was a police officer.

After five years, Harriet shopped Will in and he went to prison. Meanwhile Dawn went into care.

However Dawn turned to drugs and prostitution and she eventually fell pregnant.

Will is Dawn’s dad (Credit: ITV)

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Later, she was told Will died in prison. But in 2019, it was revealed he was still alive and reconnected with Dawn.

Although he began terrorising Harriet, they soon forgave each other got back together!

Who is Lucas’ father?

It has never been revealed who Lucas’ father is.

Why was Lucas taken into care the first time?

Social services removed Lucas from Dawn’s care when he was still a toddler.

Lucas was fostered by a couple named Carol and Ted. However in 2019, after coming off drugs, Dawn began fighting to get her son back.

Lucas was taken into care when he was little (Credit: ITV)

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They started doing visits and eventually Lucas came back to live with his mum full time. However Dawn struggled to bond and felt insecure as Lucas had developed a close bond with Carol.

In August last year, Dawn killed DI Malone in self-defence. Harriet and Dawn buried the body in the graveyard. But when they discovered Malone’s body was going to be found, Harriet and Will buried him on Home Farm.

Harriet, Dawn and Will have been desperately trying to keep what happened to Malone a secret, to stop Dawn going to prison and Lucas being taken away.

But will the truth come out?

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