Emmerdale: What happened to DI Malone? Where is his body and will he be found?

Malone was killed

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Emmerdale character DI Malone met his maker earlier this year, but is his body getting closer to being discovered?

In tonight’s episodes (Thursday, November 26), Dawn told her ex-boyfriend Billy that she killed the dodgy detective.

Billy now knows Dawn killed DI Malone and helped hide the body (Credit: ITV)

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But what happened to Malone and who knows he’s dead?

Emmerdale: What happened to Malone?

The corrupt copper first appeared earlier this year. It was revealed that he was the leader of the gang Will worked with before his life in Emmerdale.

After Malone forced Will to get back into stashing drugs, Cain Dingle found out about Malone’s dodgy behaviour, and that he wasn’t the only corrupt officer on the force.

Harriet began having an affair with Malone (Credit: ITV)

Eventually Will’s fiancée and Malone’s ex-colleague, Harriet, began having an affair with Malone, despite knowing what he’s really like.

But when Will’s daughter Dawn found out, she went to the police about Malone. She reported him for his harassment of her and her family.

However Malone didn’t take this too well. He went over to Dawn’s and tried to get her to take her own life by overdosing.

Malone tried to get Dawn to take her own life (Credit: ITV)

When she refused, he threatened her with a gun.

But when Harriet came home, she knocked Malone unconscious. At first the two women thought he was dead.

However Malone soon got up and Dawn panicked and shot him three times.

What happened to Malone’s body? Will he be found?

Afterwards, Harriet and Dawn took Malone’s body to the village graveyard and Harriet buried him in a grave.

Later a police officer revealed Malone had gone missing. But when Will started to panic that Malone was still after him, Harriet and Dawn told him that Malone was dead.

Dawn, Harriet, Will and Billy know what happened to Malone (Credit: ITV)

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And now with Billy knowing what happened, it’s the four of them who know where Malone is.

It hasn’t been revealed whether Malone’s body will ever be found. Will the truth ever come out?

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