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Monday 13th July 2020

Emmerdale fans predict Vinny's dad will arrive in the village and think they know who he is

Is Mandy Dingle about to get a blast from the past?

Emmerdale fans think that Vinny's birth dad will soon arrive in the village - and they're sure they already know who he is.

On Tuesday (March 17), the Emmerdale revealed Vinny's heartbreaking backstory as Mandy Dingle opened up to Lydia Hart and Sam Dingle.

Mandy Dingle cried in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

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After Vinny took the blame for Samson Dingle pawning mum Alice's wedding ring, Mandy suspected he wasn't being honest.

Cue Vinny's dad coming back on the scene anytime soon.

Eventually, her 'son' came clean, admitting he was covering for Samson to protect him - as he didn't want Sam to turn against his own son.

When the truth eventually came out, Sam was horrified to discover his son was to blame.

Mandy Dingle has raised Vinny from a baby in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

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When Sam questioned why on earth Vinny would cover for Samson like that, he revealed his secret.

Vinny and Mandy told a shocked Sam, Lydia and Samson that he wasn't really Mandy Dingle's son.

Mandy explained how she was in a relationship with Vinny's dad Paul, until he abandoned them, leaving Mandy with the tough decision of handing Vinny into care, or keeping him herself.

Vinny Dingle's past was finally revealed in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

Of course, we now know, she kept him after she fell in love with him.

She told Sam and Lydia: "He was nine months old when I first clocked eyes on him.

"Little mite, screaming the street down in this soiled onesie and I looked into his pram and I just knew someone had to look after him.

"I was on a first date with his dad Paul. I moved in with him by the end of the week, you know me I don't do anything by halves."

Mandy Dingle told the truth about Vinny in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

She added: "We were happy and then the wheels started to fall off. Paul got himself into this mess and it just got bigger and bigger.

"One day he walked away and never came back, two days after Vinny started school. I was no-one, just this random woman that his dad had shacked up with.

"I had to make a choice. Do I become the mum he never had or do I put him into care. The easiest call I've ever had to make."

But despite Mandy not being Vinny's real mum or even his legal guardian, the family agreed that he was a true Dingle and accepted him as one of their own.

Those at home were quick to start speculating about Vinny's last name - which hadn't been revealed - and the possible arrival of his birth dad.

One tweeted: "I think we're gonna meet [the dad] some time in the future. We've [got] a new character played by Reece Dinsdale arriving any time soon."

Another said: "Cue Vinny's dad coming back on the scene anytime soon!"

A third added: "Ah, so Vinny's dad is... @reece_dinsdale #Emmerdale."

"That really wasn't what I had imagined about Vinny's past," said another. "I was kind of expecting something crazier. Though the fact that we don't know who the father is leaves the doors open for that. #Emmerdale."

Reece Dinsdale will be joining Emmerdale soon as Paul (Credit: ITV)

Hawk-eared viewers will have noticed that Vinny's dad is also called Paul.

We're told that Paul, a blast from Mandy's past, will stir things up for Mandy and Vinny.

Corrie viewers will know that Reece played Joe McIntyre from 2008 until 2010, when his character died in horrible circumstances.

Known for his bad luck, Joe was killed whilst trying to fake his own death in order to claim insurance money.

Reece Dinsdale as Joe McIntyre in Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

Reece said about joining Emmerdale: "I'm absolutely delighted to be joining the cast of Emmerdale.

"Having recently directed a couple of episodes, and seen at close quarters the superb work the cast, crews and creatives produce, I can't wait to become part of the team once again... albeit in a different capacity.

"Time to get my acting boots back on!"

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