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Emmerdale viewers think Moira Dingle will die in next week’s boat explosion

Moira has been cheated on her husband

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Viewers of Emmerdale think Moira Dingle will be the one to lose her life in next week’s boat explosion.

Next week is set to be dramatic when Cain Dingle finds out his wife Moira has been cheating on him with farmhand Nate Robinson.

As he lures them to a boat and they get on board, he confronts Nate about the affair.

But as they fight, Moira falls overboard and becomes trapped in weeds underwater.

Cain find out the truth Emmerdale
Cain find out the truth (Credit: ITV)

With Cain and Nate continuing their brawl, a petrol can tips over, causing the boat to suddenly explode into a huge fireball.

But who will die?

My bet’s on shock value: it will be Moira.

In a Digital Spy forum a user wrote: “Do you know if anyone dies in the boat explosion in Emmerdale?

“If so I hope it’s not Pete or Cain. I hope it’s Nate or Moira.

Moira and Nate bed
Moira has been cheating on Nate for weeks (Credit: ITV)

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“Has it actually been confirmed that someone dies from the boat explosion? If so, who do you think dies?”

One replied: “I hope Nate and Moira die.”

A second wrote: “Moira I hope. Though wouldn’t have thought it would be drowning, not with those built in flotation devices.”

Emmerdale boat explosion
The boat explodes, but who will survive? (Credit: ITV)

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A third said: “I do not think it’s Faith! As she mentioned about returning again in the future. I reckon it will be either Moira or Nate.

“My bet’s on shock value: it will be Moira.”

People on Twitter were convinced too:

We’ll have to wait until next week to find out who – if anyone – doesn’t make it, but we know the fallout will continue for months to come…

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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