Emmerdale viewers stunned as Maya returns pregnant!

They kept that quiet!

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There was one hell of a shock for Emmerdale viewers tonight as paedophile Maya made a return.

As the hour-long episode began, David and Leyla steeled themselves to tell son Jacob that his abuser was set to be released from prison.

They were surprised that the teen, who was besotted with his teacher lover, took the news so calmly.

But it later transpired that Jacob was cooking up a plan to reunite with the older woman.

I was NOT prepared for what i’ve just seen!

David intercepted him going to see her, and brought him back to the village, begging him to move on.

Maya had ignored Jacob’s text messages and David warned it was a sign she didn’t want to hear from him.

Any contact would result in her heading straight back to prison.

At the end of the episode, Maya was seen leaving jail… and then there was a bombshell glimpse of a pregnancy bump!

What does the future hold? (Credit: ITV)

So, does this mean that actress Louis Clein is back with the cast of the soap for a while, and Maya will return to the village?

Will she and Jacob reunite and raise the baby together? Is the baby even Jacob’s? Could it be David’s? Eek.

Viewers were seriously impressed with the plot twist.

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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