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Wednesday 1st April 2020

Emmerdale viewers shocked about Paddy's 'real dad'

Is that the real reason Mandy returned?

Last night Emmerdale viewers were shocked to find out Paddy's father (Mr Kirk) may not have been his biological father.

Mandy Dingle arrived in the village on Friday night along with her son Vinnie who fans are convinced is Paddy's long-lost son.

Mandy recently returned to the village (credit: ITV)

Marlon feared Mandy was going to drop that bombshell on Paddy and wanted to prevent her from doing so.

But she eventually she got into the back of the Woolpack to speak to Paddy only to find out that he was on a call out.

When Chas demanded to know why she wanted him, Marlon blurted out: "She's here to tell you he's got a son."

Laughing Mandy replied: "Paddy don't have a secret son. At least it's not Vinnie and it's not with me."

Then she dropped her big news.

Oh goodness!! Paddy's got a wrestler for a dad. #Emmerdale.

Paddy and Vinny bumped into each other (Credit: ITV)

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When she was clearing out her things recently she found Paddy's picture of wrestler Bear Wolf who he used to love as a child.

Behind the picture was a love letter from Bear to Paddy's mum Barbara.

The letter was post marked September 1968 and Paddy was born July 1st 1969 meaning Bear could be Paddy's biological father.

Viewers were gob-smacked...

One tweeted: " So Paddy's got a dad and son he didn't know about? #Emmerdale"

A second wrote: "Oh goodness!! Paddy's got a wrestler for a dad. #Emmerdale"

A third posted: "Ha, so is a wrestler Paddy's Dad? #Emmerdale"

Another added: "Paddy's hero could be his father..!! #Emmerdale"

Clueless Paddy later caught Marlon, Mandy and Chas looking at pictures of Bear online and revealed that, as a child, he and his parents would follow Bear around on tour during the summer months.

While Chas and Mandy thought it was best to tell Paddy the truth, Marlon thought it was best kept quiet as it would break Paddy's heart.

Chas went to tell Paddy the truth but couldn't when he revealed how much he missed his father.

Vinnie asked Mandy why she didn't tell them why she really came back (Credit: ITV)

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As Mandy and Vinnie left the village Vinnie asked Mandy: "Why don't you tell them what you really came for?"

Mandy's response was: "It isn't the right time?"

So if Paddy's biological father wasn't the real reason for Mandy's return, what was the real reason? IS he Vinnie's papa?

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