Emmerdale viewers ridicule scene in which Kerry Wyatt ‘dies’

Did somebody see a pile of bricks lying anywhere?

Kerry Wyatt’s web of lies was ripped apart last night, when Tracy Metcalfe finally discovered she was responsible for the death of Frank Clayton in Emmerdale.

After months of lying and cheating, Kerry got what some viewers think she deserved when Tracy confronted her.

But what should have been a dramatic moment, ended with viewers laughing at what they considered a daft chain of events.

Viewers were definitely Team Tracy (Credit: ITV)
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On Thursday (October 3), Tracy found Frank’s keyring and realised that Kerry had passports and plane tickets ready to escape.

Storming around to confront Kerry, the factory worker confessed to everything – but Amy arrived and tried to take the blame.

Upset Tracy said: “All this time you’ve let him take the blame, let me believe it was my fault. I could have died with him. You’ve watched me grieve and fall apart.”

Amy and Kerry fight
Kerry lashed out at Tracy to avoid the police being called (Credit: ITV)

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“You knew she was responsible for killing my dad and you said nothing,” screamed Tracy.

Defending Kerry, Amy said: “It wasn’t my mam. She was covering for me. The fire was my fault.”

Fed up of their excuses, Tracy called the pair “liars” and tried to phone the police but was stopped in her tracks.

Kerry bricks
Kerry + bricks = big headache (Credit: ITV)

Determined to fight for their secret, Amy and Kerry blocked Tracy in to stop her from going to the police. But Tracy seized a moment to make a run for it with Kerry in hot pursuit.

However, in the heat of the moment, Kerry fell and hit her head hard – on what fans claimed was a conveniently placed pile of bricks!

As Kerry lay unconscious on the ground, seemingly dead, viewers laughed their socks off on Twitter.

One wrote: “Just a random pile of bricks there for no reason.”

Another said: “And that pile of bricks just conveniently happened to be there…”

A third said: “Handy those bricks were there.”

“Pile of bricks in the way… Was going to move them at the weekend… I’ve not seen anyone knock a wall down in Emmerdale though,” another said, dripping with sarcasm.

Will Kerry survive the fall? And do viewers even care?

Kerry and Amy have become public enemy number one ever since they robbed the charity money from the sweet factory, causing the fire which killed Frank.

The pair had been preparing to flee the country before the truth came out after Amy confessed to Nate Robinson.

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