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Emmerdale viewers repulsed as Maya ‘forces’ a reluctant Jacob into sex

The teacher manipulated the schoolboy into having sex...

Emmerdale fans were further sickened and disgusted by Maya Stepney’s actions last night, when the manipulative teacher was seen coercing Jacob Gallagher into sex.

On Thursday (March 21), Maya lured Jacob home with her at lunchtime after realising they would have the house to themselves.

No means no, Maya! (Credit: ITV)

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Safely home with her 16-year-old student, Maya then made it clear she had one thing on her mind – having sex with the teenager.

As she made her moves on her boyfriend’s son, Jacob was reluctant, saying he was “tired and hungry” after his double PE lesson.

The grooming victim was also put off by the photo of his mum looking at him on the coffee table…

Maya and Jacob kiss in Emmerdale grooming storyline
Maya got her way in the end (Credit: ITV)

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But what Maya wants, she gets – and the paedophile teacher insisted they have sex after making her victim feel guilty about letting her down.

She told him “they don’t often get time together” and reminded him how much she’s risking for their relationship, before kissing him and leading him upstairs to get intimate.

And viewers were enraged by Maya’s actions, with one tweeting: “Okay seriously when are people gonna wake up and realise what Maya is?

“The way she manipulates every situation to her advantage is sickening and now David is leaving Jacob alone with her for a whole week. When the truth comes out, he’ll be beside himself with guilt. #Emmerdale.”

Another slammed the character, not mincing her words when she wrote: “Creepy, vomit-inducing, paedo-witch.”

A third said: “#Emmerdale Maya is an abusive cowface. Making Jacob feel bad for her. ‘Do you not care about me?’ I hope Leyla gives you a fat lip!”

One had a sinister prediction, that when Maya DOES gets caught, she will “blame it all on Jacob”, while another said they “couldn’t deal with the storyline anymore”.

Later in the episode, the couple almost got caught by Tracy Metcalfe when she turned up unexpectedly.

Fans took to social media to BEG Maya to be exposed, but they were disappointed when she got away with it yet again by making up more lies.

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