Emmerdale viewers questioning the point of this ‘petulant’ and ‘inept’ character

He's not settled into the village as well as he hoped

Emmerdale viewers have had enough of Matty Barton.

The farmer’s son nearly caused Rhona Goskirk’s death in a horrifying tractor accident last week after not telling Pete Barton about the brakes not working.

Emmerdale fans don’t see the point in Matty staying if he’s going to be so useless at everything (Credit: ITV)

But his self-pitying reaction and his behaviour since he returned to the village has infuriated soap fans.

Matty has so far tried to turn his step-father in for murder, messed up business deals for the farm and treated his caring mother Moira like she is dirt on his shoe.

Fans have taken to questioning the point of why he is there if he is so bad at everything and doesn’t have a decent storyline.

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One said on a Digital Spy Forum thread titled ‘Matty Barton has got to be one of the most pointless Emmerdale characters in the last ten years’: “Good lord. This character is so awful.

“He has no redeeming features and he just hangs around the place like a bad smell.”

A second said: “I never got the dislike for Hannah she seemed a rather typical teen stuck on a farm to me, but Matty is something else a nastier character I haven’t seen for a long time.

Viewers really aren’t impressed with ‘petulant’ Matty (Credit: ITV)

“Not just lazy and inept but willing to let people take the blame for what he’s done.”

A third said: “I cannot understand why the writers have made him so inept at everything?

“Is it leading to some further deep psychological problems further down the line or have they just run out of ideas for the character since his first (unbelievable) reveal? Just pointless at the moment.”

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Another said: “He has no respect for anyone and it took him until they were all in the hospital before he admitted his part in the accident.

“I get that he is frightened of Cain but he should still have owned up sooner.”

A fifth said: “This character is just not working and has become a laughing stock. Time for him to go.”

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