Emmerdale viewers question how Faith knew about Nate and Cara

Faith left Shadrack, Cain and Chas when her kids were young.

Viewers of Emmerdale have been questioning how Faith Dingle knew about Nate and Cara when she left Cain and Chas when they were children.

It’s been an explosive week in the ITV soap as Cain discovered his wife Moira was having an affair with farmhand Nate Robinson.

But there was a bigger twist when it was revealed Nate was actually Cain’s son from a relationship he had years ago with a woman named Cara Robinson.

Nate revealed that Cian was his dad (Credit: ITV)

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In last night’s episode (October 24 2019) Nate told Cain who his mother is and Cain remembered her.

He explained that she worked at a place called The Skinner’s Arms and he went out with her for a while but she disappeared one day.

Despite Cain denying he knew Cara was pregnant, Nate claimed Cara told Cain about the pregnancy.

He said: “At first she made excuses for you, you were just a kid, your family were racist.”

Nate thought Cain had rejected him (Credit: ITV hub)

But when Nate mentioned Cara sent her ex a letter, Cain was confused and said he hadn’t heard from Nate’s mum in “twenty odd years”.

Nate continued: “And the lies keep coming. What about the time she came to see you?

“She came up here a few years ago, wanted to show you photos of me, don’t know what she was thinking. Trying to guilt trip you into taking responsibility I guess.

“Didn’t work though did it? You sent her packing and you told her you wanted nothing to do with me.”

Cain continued to deny he knew anything about Nate and his long-lost son accused him of getting Shadrach to warn Cara off.

But Faith soon came in and filled in the blanks.

Cain had no idea he had another son (Credit: ITV hub)

She explained she went to see Cara after hearing Shadrach had turned up at Cara’s mum’s house and made threats, even threatening to burn the house down if Cara didn’t leave Cain alone.

She said she went to Cara’s to try and sort things out and explained sending her away wasn’t the original plan, but then they found out she was pregnant.

Faith said Cara begged her to talk to Shadrach but she knew her husband couldn’t be reasoned with.

Although Cara wanted to stay with Cain and raise their son together, Faith made her see it would never be an option due to Cain’s behaviour and Shadrach being racist.

However, viewers were left confused as Faith walked out on Shadrach, Cain and Chas when Cain was a young teen.

In a flashback it showed Faith walked out on her family when Cain was young (Credit: ITV)

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A couple of years ago, in flashback episodes, viewers saw Faith leave her kids behind as Shadrach constantly abused her.

Faith walked out on Chas and Cain as kids right? So how did she even know about Cara?

Viewers were left wondering how she knew about Cara and Cain if she wasn’t in the picture.

We’re sure Emmerdale will explain how Faith knew about Cain and Cara soon.

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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