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Emmerdale viewers put off their Christmas dinners by ‘sick scenes’

It was all a bit much for festive families

Emmerdale fans up and down the country have been put off their Christmas dinners by Marlon Dingle’s vomiting.

The chef was seen heaving his guts up multiple times in tonight’s episode.

Emmerdale viewers put off their Christmas dinners by 'sick scenes'
Marlon’s chundering had viewers feeling very queasy (Credit: ITV)

He had been convinced to take Sam Dingle on a secret stag do ahead of his surprise wedding today.

But it all went wrong when the pair stowed away in a brewery truck and drank their way through it.

Marlon even told Sam about his wedding, not realising the secret wedding was for him.

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But as they battled to get back to the village, Marlon kept having to stop to throw up.

First he was sick in front of two children on Christmas morning in their own garden.

And when he and Sam managed to flag down a car to take them back to the village, disaster struck.

Emmerdale viewers put off their Christmas dinners by 'sick scenes'
Marlon and Sam felt worse for wear and viewers were equally as sickened (Credit: ITV)

Unable to cope with the motions of the car, Marlon grabbed the woman’s hat and promptly threw up in it again in stomach-churning scenes.

Worse was to come when it was revealed the woman in question was actually Jessie’s aunt – who described him as a “long streak of puke”.

It was enough for fans to be put off their Christmas puds.

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One horrified fan said: “oh my god marlon ew #emmerdale”

A second added: “When you’re rying to keep your Christmas dinner down and then Marlon throws up #Emmerdale”

Another tweeted: “Ewwwwww Marlon dude seriously in having chocolate here #Emmerdale”

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