Emmerdale: Viewers predict romance for Andrea and Will

Andrea and Will are both single now!

Emmerdale viewers are predicting romance for Will Taylor and Andrea Tate.

Earlier this week, Andrea found herself in a sticky situation.

Just as she went to drop off Millie at Jamie’s before a big work meeting, she discovered a leak in the house.

Viewers are predicting romance for Will and Andrea (Credit: ITV)

Worried about getting everything done, she went out and found Will, who offered to help her.

In last night’s episode (Thursday, October 29) Dawn begged for her job back at the Outdoor Pursuit Centre. But Jamie decided to put her on litter picking duty.

Andrea went to thank Will. But Dawn warned Will to keep away from Andrea (Credit: ITV)

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Later, Andrea popped over to see Will to thank him for his help and apologise for Jamie kicking off at him.

But when Dawn came in, she wasn’t happy to see Andrea. Knowing Jamie would use any excuse to fire her, Dawn warned her dad to keep away from Jamie, his ex-wife Andrea and their kid, Millie.

However viewers think that Dawn and Will could be Emmerdale’s next couple.

Emmerdale: Andrea and Will

Fans of the show both know Andrea and Will haven’t had much luck in love.

Will and Andrea, yes please.

Andrea and Jamie’s marriage broke down after he discovered she had slept with Graham Foster around the same time their daughter Millie was conceived.

Jamie and Andrea were married but they are no longer together (Credit: ITV)

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Eventually Jamie found out Millie was definitely his and he decided to forgive Andrea. Although they got back together, he cheated on her with Belle Dingle.

Meanwhile, Will was in a relationship with vicar, Harriet Finch. However he learnt that Harriet had been having an affair with dodgy DI Malone, who had been terrorising Will for months.

Dawn ended up killing Malone and Harriet helped get rid of the evidence.

Do you think Will and Andrea would make a good couple?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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