Emmerdale fans furious paedo Maya plot is dragging on despite her being caught

Emmerdale viewers hoping paedophile school teacher Maya SURVIVES

She's attacked by Leyla

Emmerdale viewers are hoping that paedophile school teacher Maya is alive.

Last night was the moment a lot of viewers had been waiting for: Leyla, Tracy and Priya finally found out about Maya and Jacob after Priya saw them kissing outside of a club.

After an eventful night, seeing Tracy and David kiss, an upset Maya went outside and met Jacob who was supposed to be on his way to Portugal.

Priya was shocked to see Maya and Jacob kissing (Credit: ITV)

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The pair kissed unaware they were being watched by Priya who immediately told Jacob’s biological mother Leyla and his ex step-mum Tracy.

Leyla sent Maya a text offering her a lift home however, the school teacher didn’t realise she had been caught out.

Leyla was disgusted when Priya told her what she saw (Credit: ITV hub)

As she went to get in the car and saw Tracy she said: “Wow, well aren’t you brazen. This is going to be a fun journey home.” But Leyla quickly came up behind her and said: “She’s the least of your worries darling.”

Then of course the credits rolled leaving viewers wondering what happened next?

Although it seems like David’s exes are about to hurt Maya, viewers are hoping that she isn’t killed because they want to see her exposed and brought to justice.

Viewers know Maya has been grooming her boyfriend David’s stepson, 16-year-old Jacob, for the past several months.

The grooming of her pupil started when he was 15 years old and she began sleeping with him just days after his sixteenth birthday.

They were finally caught out by Jacob’s ex-girlfriend Liv two weeks ago after she heard them in Jacob’s bedroom.

She blackmailed the pair saying if they didn’t give her £5000 then she would reveal the relationship and Maya would lose her job and go to prison.

Liv caught Maya and Jacob together in his bedroom (Credit: YouTube/Emmerdale)

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Actress Louisa Clein, who plays manipulative Maya, was recently forced to defend the grooming plot due to Jacob actor Joe-Warren Plant’s age.

She also reminded viewers that the ITV soap has been working closely with children’s charity Barnardo’s on this storyline.

If you have been affected by this plot, please visit the Barnardo’s website.

Emmerdale airs Monday to Friday at 7pm with an extra episode on Thursday at 8pm.

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