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Thursday 28th May 2020

Emmerdale viewers guess Harriet's stalker after huge clue

Has the culprit been rumbled?

Emmerdale's Harriet Finch was terrified out of her wits last night, when her stalker continued their campaign of terror against her.

The vicar was seen fearing for her life, when an innocuous walk around the village ended in a horrifying ordeal at the hands of the sicko who has been tormenting her for weeks.

Harriet begged for help in the tense scenes (Credit: ITV)

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On Tuesday night (16 April), Harriet - played by Katherine Dow-Blyton - was running errands when she mysteriously heard the church bells ringing.

Going to investigate, the heavy church door slammed behind her and she found herself locked in and frightened half to death.

As fan favourite Harriet wondered what would happen to her, and who had locked her in, viewers believed they had guessed the identity of the mastermind behind the cruel acts.

Harriet was forced to sleep with a cricket bat by her side (Credit: ITV)

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Later, after being saved from the locked church by former flame Cain, Harriet returned home where she was forced to sleep with a cricket bat by her side for fear of being attacked as she napped.

Harriet's stalker is definitely a female...

In a creepy scene straight out of a horror movie, viewers then saw the mystery person, dressed in black, entering her living room and turning the television off while Harriet slept.

However, hearing a noise, the former cop woke up with a start to find the intruder in her house. Despite chasing after them, they were able to escape.

The intruder, dressed in black, made their getaway (Credit: ITV)

Harriet has had her church vandalised, as well as receiving creepy phone calls from a heavy breather.

So far, Dawn has been the main suspect. And fans are now convinced it IS a woman behind the sinister behaviour.

As the person ran away, leaving a terrified Harriet on the ground, viewers believe the culprit had the body of a woman NOT a man.

One said: "Harriet's stalker is definitely a female... Maybe some wild lesbian obsessed with her sermons and dog collar #Emmerdale."

Well, it's a theory...

Another said: "I think it's someone from Harriet's past, maybe someone she arrested who is messing with her now - but how far will they go? #Emmerdale."

One fans even suggested Harriet's stalker was the "girl who lured Amelia away".

Some fans, however, believe it's Dawn's dad behind the stalking, after Harriet worked undercover and sent him to prison years ago.

One keyboard sleuth said: "Emmerdale. Dawn's dad is Harriet's stalker. And he'll be Laurel's date."

Is Dawn behind the sinister stalking? (Credit: ITV)

However another pointed out that Dawn's dad is supposed to be dead - but that's never stopped a soap storyline before!

Some fans believe Harriet KNOWS who her stalker is, while others believe Dawn would be too obvious.

Actress Katherine recently told Digital Spy: "One thing that's got to be on Harriet's mind is that it's maybe somebody she's arrested or had dealings with when she was a police officer.

"But that's not necessarily the case; people do get stalked and victimised for many different reasons, so I think it's all up in the air. She can't really pin down who she thinks it might be."

What do you think?

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