Emmerdale viewers fed up with Jai Sharma as he continues to accuse Jimmy King of assaulting Archie

Arthur is the one hurting Archie!

Viewers of Emmerdale are getting fed up with Jai Sharma as he continues to accuse Jimmy King of assaulting his son Archie.

Fans of the soap know Archie is being bullied by Laurel Thomas’s son Arthur.

After Arthur knocked Archie unconscious, he lied to Laurel and Jai that Archie fell off a chair.

When the couple found other bruises on Archie, Arthur covered for himself by telling them their family friend Jimmy was responsible.

Emmerdale fans horrified by Arthur's evil abuse of Archie
Arthur is the one who’s been hurting Archie (Credit: ITV)

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Although Jai confronted Jimmy, he denied ever laying a hand on Archie.

The adults managed to move past the situation, however this week things have gone backwards…

After Arthur and Angelica said some horrible things to Archie, he lashed out and slapped Angelica.

Seeing what Archie did, Jimmy swooped in and pulled the little boy off her but Jai saw the incident and had a go at Jimmy, once again accusing him of hurting his son.

Jimmy pulled Archie off Angelica (Credit: YouTube/Emmerdale)

That night, after Arthur told Archie everyone would be better off without him, the little boy ran away into the woods.

But when Jai discovered he had gone, he blamed Archie running away on Jimmy, claiming he scared him.

Jai is getting on my last nerve.

Although Archie was eventually found, Jai made sure to tell the police about Jimmy pulling Archie off Anglica.

The accusation has torn the friends apart and in last night’s episode (December 12 2019), Jai was visited by social services and began to worry his son would be taken away.

Jimmy claimed he didn’t leave bruises on Archie (Credit: ITV Hub)

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Furious, he went into The Woolpack and started shouting at Jimmy again.

However Archie’s uncle, Dan, soon stepped in defending Jimmy saying he wouldn’t hurt a child.

Jimmy admitted he shouldn’t have pulled Archie off Angelica but continued to deny that he left bruises on him before.

Jai refused to believe him and viewers started to get fed up with him.

With Archie still not telling his dad who’s really been hurting him, it looks like Jimmy could be heading for trouble.

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