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Thursday 4th June 2020

Emmerdale viewers fear for Graham Foster after Kim vows revenge

He dared to cross her...

Kim Tate has vowed to destroy Graham Foster after he dared to cross her - and Emmerdale viewers are now fearful for his life.

On Halloween night (October 31), Graham almost destroyed Kim's relationship with her son Jamie by revealing that he was the one who "grassed her up" and landed her in jail...

Graham snapped (Credit: ITV)

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Kim, smarting from being rejected by her 'friends with benefits' told her former henchman that his life wouldn't be worth living anymore.

Viewers know that Graham has been Kim's right hand man for years, and the loyal employee and sometime lover has carried out many criminal orders on her behalf.

But after she ordered the murder of his surrogate son Joe Tate, the veil began to fall from Graham's eyes...

Kim used Graham as her play thing (Credit: ITV)

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And Graham's seemingly genuine relationship with Rhona Goskirk has been the final nail in the coffin of their working relationship as Kim has been surprisingly jealous.

Kim's baying for blood.

Kim made it clear that she plans to make Graham sorry for disrespecting her, telling Al she was going to make Graham regret all of his mistakes and that his past was about to come back and haunt him in a major way.

She said: "If Graham has any sense, he'd run and run fast, because every mistake he's ever made is about to catch up with him."

Rhona and Graham had an unexpectedly horrible Halloween (Credit: ITV)

But what has she got planned and how far is she prepared to go in order to get her revenge?

Viewers think Kim is capable of KILLING Graham, with one tweeting: "Kim's baying for blood."

Another said: "Graham, be careful. Kim is going to screw you over."

A third added: "Poor Graham better watch out, Kim is gunning for him. Hope he puts up a bloody good fight."

"You wouldn't want to meet Kim down a dark alley tonight of all nights!" stated one more.

Viewers know that Graham and Kim both have no end of dirt on each other, but Kim does NOT know that Millie may not be Kim's granddaughter and could be Graham's daughter...

Graham changed his will leaving everything to Millie, so if Graham was to die, his death would open up questions about their relationship. Yikes...

Spoilers for next week tell us Kim will start by hitting Graham in the business department when she announces a company reshuffle, leaving him out in the cold.

But something tells us this revenge plan is only just beginning...

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