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Emmerdale viewers convinced Maya’s dead and hidden in a suitcase

She hasn't been seen since last week

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In last night’s episode (May 1) viewers saw Tracy and Leyla trying to dispose of a suitcase full of Maya’s things, but viewers believe something else was in the suitcase.

The two ladies struggled to get the heavy suitcase out of the house. Tracy said to her friend: “I think we’ve put too much of her stuff in here.”

When Tracy asked what they were going to do with her things Leyla said they were going to burn it, but first they were going to leave it in the shed and wait till it was dark to drive out somewhere.

Leyla and Tracy moved a suitcase with Maya’s things in it (Credit: ITV hub)

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As they were moving the case, Tracy’s dad Frank came in with Megan’s young daughter Eliza.

When Frank asked Leyla if she needed a hand Leyla responded: “No it’s fine. I’m not. I mean I am. It’s fine,” and told Frank she was packing away her winter wardrobe.

However, fans have a much darker theory – Maya’s body was in the suitcase.


However, some fans predict Maya is alive and will return for revenge.

Maya was last seen in Thursday night’s episode on the Big Night Out.

After an eventful night, seeing Tracy and David kiss, an upset Maya went outside and met her boyfriend’s teen son Jacob who was supposed to be on his way to Portugal.

The pair kissed unaware they were being watched by Priya who immediately told Jacob’s biological mother Leyla and his ex step-mum Tracy.
Priya was shocked to see Maya and Jacob kissing (Credit: ITV hub)

Leyla sent Maya a text offering her a lift home however, the school teacher didn’t realise she had been caught out.

As she went to get in the car and saw Tracy she said: “Wow, well aren’t you brazen. This is going to be a fun journey home.” But Leyla quickly came up behind her and said: “She’s the least of your worries darling.”

It was revealed on Friday (April 26) that Leyla, Tracy and Priya had last seen her in the woods and left her there.

Priya, Tracy and Leyla found Priya’s scarf covered in blood in the woods (Credit: ITV hub)

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The three women went back to try to look for her but she was no where to be seen. They found Priya’s scarf covered in Maya’s blood and decided to burn it.

Other villagers, including Maya’s boyfriend David, began to worry when Maya didn’t turn up for work, however, Leyla told them she moved back to her mum’s.

Although Leyla keeps saying that Maya won’t be coming back, viewers are hoping that she is alive so she can be exposed and brought to justice.

Emmerdale airs Monday to Friday at 7pm with an extra episode on Thursday at 8pm.

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