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Emmerdale: Viewers beg for Paul to be killed off as he goes to attack Vinny again

Paul lost his temper with Vinny once before

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Emmerdale viewers have begged for Paul to be killed off as he went to attack his son Vinny again.

Recently Vinny discovered his dad has been gambling again. Paul got his son to keep his gambling a secret from Mandy. However a few weeks ago Paul turned violent when Vinny suggested he needed help.

This week, Mandy started making plans for her, Vinny and Paul to move into their own place. However Paul took the money for the deposit and gambled it all away.

Paul told Vinny what he did and the scrapyard worker resulted to taking the money from Aaron Dingle. But what he didn’t realise was his love interest, Aaron’s sister, Liv, had noticed him pocket the cash.

Vinny told Liv about Paul stealing Mandy’s money and using it to gamble (Credit: ITV)

In last night’s episode (Wednesday, November 11) Liv confronted Vinny about taking the money and he revealed what Paul did.

Liv gave Vinny an ultimatum, either Paul tells Mandy the truth about his gambling or she will.

Vinny soon returned home and told Paul what Liv had said. But Paul started to get angry.

He yelled: “I’ve just started to get your mum back on side you idiot! I could lose everything. What if I do eh?”

Paul got angry with Vinny (Credit: ITV)

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As Vinny apologised, Paul started to move closer to his son.

Paul continued: “What if I lose your mam and my life here, eh? It’s all your fault, is this. This is all because of you!”

As he lunged towards his son, Vinny picked up a chair to defend himself, clearly terrified.

But viewers were furious and begged for Paul to be killed off.

Emmerdale: What’s next for Vinny and Paul?

Next week, Vinny tells Mandy he is moving in with Liv to give her and Paul some more space. But he reluctantly agrees to keep Paul’s gambling a secret.

Vinny tells Mandy he’s moving in with Liv (Credit: ITV)

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Will Mandy ever find out the truth about her boyfriend?

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