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Emmerdale viewers are all asking the same question as Meena breaks into Victoria’s house

Meena broke into Victoria's house to mess with her things

Emmerdale viewers are all asking the same question as Meena Jutla broke into Victoria Sugden’s house in last night’s episode (Tuesday, August 31).

Last week, Meena overheard Victoria confess her feelings for Meena’s boyfriend, David.

This week, Meena stole keys to Vic’s house from her housemate Amy.

In last night’s episode, Meena broke into Victoria’s house, while wearing her nurses uniform.

She soon began messing with Victoria’s possessions. However she was caught off guard when Victoria returned home early to look for Diane’s credit card.

Meena broke into Victoria’s house (Credit: ITV)

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Victoria was getting ready to leave when she heard a phone buzz. She warned the intruder that she would call the police and soon left.

Shortly afterwards, Meena left through the back door. However viewers were left asking the same question – does Meena ever go to her job at the Abbott Lane Surgery, where she is a nurse.

Emmerdale: What’s next for Meena?

After leaving Victoria’s, Meena watched Victoria talk to the police outside of her house.

Soon Meena was approached by her sister Manpreet, who was in a distressed state.

Manpreet told her sister that her daughter Aiesha had been in a moped accident in Ibiza and was in critical condition.

Manpreet told Meena about Aiesha’s accident (Credit: ITV)

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Manpreet asked her sister to come with her out to Ibiza for support, however she told her she had too much going on to join her.

Later in the pub, Meena told David the news about her niece. However Chas and Victoria were shocked to find out that Meena wouldn’t go with Manpreet to visit Aiesha.

David tried to convince Meena to go with her sister, but will she go?

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