Emmerdale viewers accuse soap of trying to make Wendy Posner ‘likeable’ as she saves Liv Flaherty

Wendy is the mother of rapist Lee

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Viewers of Emmerdale have accused the soap of trying to redeem Wendy Posner as she saved Liv Flaherty in last night’s episode (December 19 2019).

Wendy currently isn’t a fan favourite with viewers knowing she is the mother of Lee Posner, the man who raped Victoria Sugden resulting in her getting pregnant.

However, Wendy doesn’t believe Lee is capable of being a rapist and has accused Victoria of being a liar.

After Lee died as a result of being attacked by Victoria’s brother Robert, she made the decision to move to the village.

Victoria raped by lee
Wendy’s son Lee raped Victoria, but she refuses to believe her son was a rapist (Credit: ITV)

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Of course her new living arrangements upset Victoria and Robert’s husband Aaron, who is devastated that Robert got sentenced to life in prison.

With Aaron trying to drive her out of the village, she has been even more determined to stay for her new job at the local doctors and so she can be close to Victoria’s baby after she gives birth.

In last night’s episode, Aaron went missing after discovering Robert had written a letter to Victoria and not him.

Furious with his family for keeping the letter from him, he went off upset.

Wendy harassed Victoria and accused her of lying about being raped (Credit: ITV hub)

However Aaron’s sister Liv found painkillers missing from the bathroom and started to panic Aaron would hurt himself.

She decided to go out looking for Aaron and as she saw Robert’s letter in the river she went to go get it but ended up having a seizure and hitting her head on a rock.

Stop trying to make Wendy likeable!

Eventually Wendy walked over the bridge and spotted the teenager and went down to help her, calling an ambulance.

As Liv woke up Wendy, who is a nurse, said: “It’s alright love, listen to me there’s an ambulance coming. Can you remember anything that happened?”

Wendy found Liv and called an ambulance (Credit: ITV Hub)

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But Liv, who was in shock, began crying and Wendy tried to comfort her saying: “Come on now. Come on now listen to me, listen to me.

“It’s just the shock and this is normal, this is absolutely normal.”

Viewers were annoyed that the soap tried to make Wendy likeable by helping Liv.

Luckily Liv got to the hospital and eventually made up with Aaron.

Do you think Aaron will go easier on Wendy knowing she potentially saved his sisters life?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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