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Emmerdale Vanessa: Fans all saying the same thing after ‘comedy’ scenes

A new double act with Paddy?

Emmerdale character Vanessa Woodfield has come in for a fair amount of criticism since her return.

However last night (Wednesday April 21) she showed a different side to herself and fans were here for it.

In fact, they loved her double act with Paddy and felt the Emmerdale pair bounced perfectly off each other!

Emmerdale Vanessa's horrified when her phone doesn't work
Vanessa didn’t have a good night! (Credit: ITV)

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What happened to Vanessa in Emmerdale last night?

Vanessa managed to secure herself another date with Suzy.

The vet was particularly thrilled because she’d been covered in pig poo when Suzy asked her out.

She commented that she needed “a shower and a bacon sandwich”, which had viewers in stitches.

Vanessa was a nervous wreck about the whole dating thing, though. Paddy tried to calm her nerves and insisted he would babysit Johnny so V could go on her date.

However, disaster struck when not only did Vanessa get fake tan all over her brand new white dress, but she spilled wine on her phone and broke it and then Johnny started projectile vomiting everywhere.

With no way of contacting Suzy to cancel, Vanessa despaired as Paddy said to her: “Rice, get some rice.”

“Why would I start cooking?” she yelled as he explained it dries your phone out.

“Or is it meant to be a hairdryer that works,” he stuttered, before adding: “I wouldn’t know, I don’t have hair.”

Fortunately for Vanessa, Suzy has given her another chance and told her she’s “worth the wait”.

Vanessa responded: “You’re almost too good to be true,” which might not be too far wrong, given Suzy is clearly connected to Leyla’s big secret

Emmerdale Vanessa looks totally outraged
Vanessa’s comedy timing impressed viewers (Credit: ITV)

More comedy from Vanessa, please!

Emmerdale viewers absolutely loved the comedy Vanessa scenes.

They particularly liked the pairing of Paddy and Vanessa.

He is, of course, known for his double act with Marlon Dingle, but as Marlon faces a more serious struggle, could Vanessa step in to provide the humour for now?

Leyla recognises Suzy who is on a date with Vanessa
Where does Leyla fit in to Suzy’s life – and will it leave Vanessa hurt? (Credit: ITV)

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Are Vanessa and Suzy for keeps?

Meanwhile, Emmerdale fans were thrilled to see Vanessa and Suzy’s relationship blossoming.

Many were happy she finally seems to have something going on that isn’t complicated…

However, those hoping this relationship will remain drama-free, might be disappointed.

It seems Suzy is connected to Leyla Cavanagh, who is hiding something huge.

Despite Leyla covering they know each other through work, it’s clear that’s not the full story.

As Suzy promises to keep Leyla’s secrets, it sounds pretty dark.

What are the pair hiding? And will this mean more heartbreak for Vanessa?

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