Vanessa Woodfield cancer Emmerdale

Emmerdale fans divided over portrayal of Vanessa’s cancer fight

She went into surgery to have her bowel tumour removed

Emmerdale’s Vanessa Woodfield got bad news last night, when the vet was told she needed chemotherapy to continue her battle against cancer.

The Emmerdale favourite underwent an operation on her bowel cancer to remove the tumours on it and her infected lymph nodes.

Vanessa Woodfield cancer Emmerdale
Vanessa was told she still needs chemotherapy in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

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Although Vanessa – played by Michelle Hardwick – was relieved to hear her surgery to remove a cancerous tumour on her bowel and lymph nodes was a complete success, she was then told the fight wasn’t over yet.

I can’t believe Vanessa comes out of major surgery to remove a cancerous part of her bowel and doesn’t need a drip and morphine.

On Wednesday (March 18), Vanessa’s girlfriend Charity Dingle and Vanessa’s sister Tracy Metcalfe faced an agonising wait as the operation took place.

Thankfully, medics announced they had managed to remove the tumour and lymph nodes with no complications, and there was no need for a stoma bag to be fitted.

Emmerdale vet Vanessa told Tracy she’d made a will just incase she didn’t make it (Credit: ITV)

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However, Vanessa’s spirits were dampened again when she was told she still needed to endure chemotherapy.

The surgeon told Vanessa: “You’ll be relieved to find out how well your surgery went.

“I’m very confident we managed to remove the tumour and the affected lymph nodes. There were no nasty things waiting for us.

“As sure as it’s possible to be. And we were able to avoid fitting a stoma. You did brilliantly.”

Vanessa's doctor
Good news and bad news from Vanessa’s doctor in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

When Vanessa asked if she’d need chemo, the consultant replied: “I’m afraid I’d still like to proceed with a course of chemotherapy. As we discussed in clinic it makes sense to do a belt and braces job.”

Those watching at home were divided by the scenes, with some believing it was an unrealistic portrayal of what would happen in real life – insisting she wouldn’t receive the results so soon.

One tweeted: “Wouldn’t the tumour and lymph nodes go to pathology? Not be able to tell her as soon as she comes round for goodness sake. Mind you it’s a tale.”

Another said: “Sack the scriptwriters and researchers, or at the very least give them some life lessons! Vanessa had a major operation and taken back to the ward? Not intensive care or high dependency unit? #Emmerdale.”

A third added: “I had the same operation as Vanessa, was taken straight to intensive care, was attached to drips and every single monitor going and all my surgeon told me was operation went well. I didn’t get any more information for another 10 days @Emmerdale.”

“I can’t believe Vanessa comes out of major surgery to remove a cancerous part of her bowel and doesn’t need a drip and morphine and hasn’t had to have a stoma fitted. But then soap operas aren’t real,” said another.

One more added: “Yes yes we all knew that was coming LOL, so Vanessa is going to be okay, Didn’t see that coming. If only it was that easy?”

However, some viewers felt the scenes were only too real, with one saying: “Regarding Vanessa, it’s like reliving the past. They said all that to me two years ago, had the op, the chemo and 18 months cancer free, now I’m dying because it’s back. Hard to watch but well done for accuracy.”

Another said: “Beautifully acted. It brought tears and memories back hearing Vanessa ask her surgeon how it went, hearing those words.

“You’re portraying this story so well, a lot of people will relate to this, as well as the much needed awareness you’re bringing.”

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