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Emmerdale: Tracy fears baby Frankie has cancer, Amy Walsh reveals

Tracy discovers lump on Frankie

Emmerdale actress Amy Walsh has revealed her character Tracy fears baby Frankie has cancer in upcoming scenes.

In this week’s scenes Tracy goes into panic when she discovers a lump on her daughter’s tummy, and goes to the doctor’s to have it diagnosed.

Emmerdale: Amy Walsh reveals Tracy fears for baby Frankie

Actress Amy Walsh hasn’t revealed what the lump turns out to be, however Tracy’s mind jumps to the worst case scenario.

Speaking to Inside Soap, she said: “Anyone would jump to the worst-case scenario, and that’s how I played it. Tracy feels the lump and thinks, ‘My baby has cancer’, so it spirals quite quickly.

Tracy discovers a lump on Frankie’s tummy (Credit: ITV)

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“She also thinks that she’s being fobbed off by the doctor.

“It’s an important story to tell, because we want viewers to know that over-worrying as a new mum is not a bad thing, and getting a second opinion from a doctor is not a bad thing.

“Tracy just wants to do the best for her baby, so that’s what she does.”

Tracy and Nate

Earlier this year, Tracy and Nate welcomed their first child together, who they named Frankie.

Later Nate’s grandmother Faith offered to move in with them in order to help Tracy with their daughter whilst Nate worked.

But when Tracy and Faith began clashing, Tracy and Nate asked her to move out.

Tracy fell out with Faith (Credit: ITV)

Last week, Leyla offered Tracy and Nate a family photoshoot voucher. But Tracy was disappointed when Nate said he couldn’t attend as he was too busy with work.

In this week’s scenes, Nate feels guilty when Tracy gives David a voucher for the shoot explaining she doesn’t want to go on her own.

Nate’s foot gets badly injured (Credit: ITV)

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But when he goes to get the voucher back, David accidentally runs over his foot.

With Nate’s injury stopping him from helping out with Frankie has much, Tracy feels increasingly under strain.

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